People of Certis

People of Certis

Our people are the drivers of our success

As the saying goes, “The World is your Oyster”. You can achieve anything you wish in life and go anywhere because you have the opportunity and ability to do so.

Goh Ming Xuan whose career journey with Certis began in 2016, absolutely embraced the chance to make the world his oyster.

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Rising to the Occasion

14 August

At just 22 years old, Mak Shi Ning is one of Certis' youngest security supervisors. This year, she was awarded Security Officer of the Year by the Security Association Singapore. Despite her young age, Shi Ning has demonstrated maturity as a leader. Always leading by example, she has managed to win respect from older officers, building strong camaraderie and mutual trust in the team.

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Taking on All Challenges from Macau to Saipan

30 July

What is the most interesting location you have been for your job?

For William Wong from Certis Hong Kong and Macau, a three-month posting to the Northern Mariana Islands ranks as one of the most memorable experiences of his career.

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Thriving in a Sea of Growth and Diverse Career Opportunities

16 July

With the recent deployment of the Business Operations Support System (BOSS) throughout Australia, Gerard looks forward to growing the business by leveraging Certis’ strength in technology within the Australian market.

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Meet Certis’ Technological Whizzes

3 July

Like many organisations, great ideas are vital in ensuring that we remain relevant in a world that is rapidly challenged by digitalisation. And sometimes the best ideas are developed when we collaborate and work as a team.

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Achieving excellence in 30 minutes

25 June

How long does it take to solve a Rubik's Cube for the first time?

In Certis, anyone can learn how to do it in 30 minutes using our Certis Service Delivery System (CSDS). CSDS is our in-house system which breaks down complex scenarios into simple tasks for the individual, ensuring consistent quality excellence.

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Meet our Head of Airport Division in Qatar

18 June

Zahed Zulkeplee has been with Certis for 14 years. His wealth of experience in security services, coupled with his strong leadership skills, gave Zahed the opportunity to lead a team of professionals in two different countries over the course of his career.

Today, the assistant vice-president is the head of airport division in GSS Certis International (GSSCI), our office in Qatar. He oversees the entire airport operations for GSSCI in Hamad International Airport, which was ranked the third-best airport in the world by Skytrax in 2020.

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Meet Our Dedicated Aviation Security Trainer

11 June

Acting Inspector Kumaraveloo (Kumar) has been with Certis for 30 years. He rose through the ranks from a young constable in the then-Security Transport Service, to his current appointment as an aviation security trainer and discipline master at Certis’ training arm, Certis Corporate University (CCU) located at Toh Tuck Terrace, Singapore.

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Meet Our Team of Tech Specialists

4 June

At Certis, our technology services divisions are always abuzz seeking to create innovative solutions to transform the way we work, live and interact.  

Leveraging our advanced capabilities in operations-technology, we recently launched our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) - enabled solution, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in May 2020. The solution will help governments around the world reinvent their operations to become more agile and effective in fighting mosquito-borne diseases.

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