People of Certis

People of Certis

Our people are the drivers of our success


#HerCertisStory: Ha Wai San

Beneath her bubbly, humourous personality are equal measures of grit and graft, a combination that has allowed the Senior Manager in Certis Aviation Security, Singapore to carve out a rewarding career. Discover who's her biggest female inspiration, and why she’d love to dine with the 4 Queens of Crime. 

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#HerCertisStory: Wu Wing Han

When the going gets tough, and the stakes are high, Wu Wing Han, Assistant Manager, Executive Human Resources at Certis Hong Kong and Macau, can always count on inspiration and support from her colleagues. Read on to know how she thinks women can better support themselves in the workplace, and how her mother helped shape who she is.

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#HerCertisStory: Jo Simpson

Juggling a job that requires keeping up with ever-changing technological developments, managing a team and being responsible for new ops-tech solutions is no walk in the park. Yet Jo Simpson, General Manager and Head of Certis Technology, Certis Security Australia, handles herself and her responsibilities with grace.  Find out how Jo achieves balance at work and the five valuable pieces of advice she’d share with women keen on a career in tech.  

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#EmbraceEquity: Yalda Assef & Toh Siew Cheng

Smashing the glass ceiling and creating equity at the workplace. How do female leaders achieve this in a traditionally male-majority industry?  Yalda Assef, General Manager, Head of Aviation, Certis Security Australia and Inspector (Auxiliary Police Force) Toh Siew Cheng, Certis Land Security in Singapore, share their journeys and how they're celebrating differences to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace. 

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#HerCertisStory: Soukaina Mouslik

Soukaina Mouslik, Executive Secretary at GSS Certis International in Qatar believes seizing the day and overcoming challenges at work with a positive mindset. She shares her inspirations at work and in her personal life, and how they have played a nurturing role in allowing her to be the confident and independent woman she is today.  

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A Driving Force in Aviation Security

The Dynamic Duo Driving Australia's Aviation and IT Offerings

Three years ago, Jonathan Low and James Toss joined Certis Security Australia and turned their childhood passions into innovative and rewarding careers. Through diverse mentoring and learning opportunities at Certis, this dynamic duo is driving Certis’ cohesive Aviation Security and IT offerings in Australia.

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Meet our Head of Airport Division in Qatar


Zahed Zulkeplee has been with Certis for 14 years. His wealth of experience in security services, coupled with his strong leadership skills, gave Zahed the opportunity to lead a team of professionals in two different countries over the course of his career.

Today, the assistant vice-president is the head of airport division in GSS Certis International (GSSCI), our office in Qatar. He oversees the entire airport operations for GSSCI in Hamad International Airport, which was ranked the third-best airport in the world by Skytrax in 2020.

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Meet Our Dedicated Aviation Security Trainer


Acting Inspector Kumaraveloo (Kumar) has been with Certis for 30 years. He rose through the ranks from a young constable in the then-Security Transport Service, to his current appointment as an aviation security trainer and discipline master at Certis’ training arm, Certis Corporate University (CCU) located at Toh Tuck Terrace, Singapore.

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Innovation at our Core

Grooming the Next Generation of Technology Leaders


Meet Daniel Ezzra, a 23-year old fresh graduate from Institute of Technical Education (ITE). He had joined Certis in 2018 as part of ITE’s Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) programme, which enables students to study and work at the same time, upgrading themselves academically while gaining real-life working experience.

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Embracing Opportunities to Transform the Digital Landscape in Qatar


Sachin who hails from India, took a leap of faith when he decided to venture overseas to build his career and broaden his horizons. Joining GSSCI in 2018, he started off as an IT Associate with a keen sense of learning and a pocket full of ideas.  

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Dedicated Workforce Ensuring Precision in Large Precinct Security Operations


To play a beautiful symphony requires precision by an orchestra. Likewise, managing a large-scale complex operation requires meticulous orchestration to ensure that it runs seamlessly all day, every day.

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Embracing Opportunities and Achieving Success


As the saying goes, “The World is your Oyster”. You can achieve anything you wish in life and go anywhere because you have the opportunity and ability to do so.

Goh Ming Xuan whose career journey with Certis began in 2016, absolutely embraced the chance to make the world his oyster.

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Meet Our Team of Tech Specialists


At Certis, our technology services divisions are always abuzz seeking to create innovative solutions to transform the way we work, live and interact.

Leveraging our advanced capabilities in operations-technology, we recently launched our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) - enabled solution, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) in May 2020. The solution will help governments around the world reinvent their operations to become more agile and effective in fighting mosquito-borne diseases.

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Meet Certis’ Technological Whizzes

Like many organisations, great ideas are vital in ensuring that we remain relevant in a world that is rapidly challenged by digitalisation. And sometimes the best ideas are developed when we collaborate and work as a team.

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Delivering Efficiencies, Streamlined Processes and Improved Governance


The National Operations Centre (NOC) is critical to the security operations and success of Certis Security Australia. It is where we monitor and keep control of everything we do for our clients across over 500 sites, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. It is also where the rostering occurs for all our Protective Services clients to ensure they have the right guard, at the right time, delivering the right services.

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Empowering Our People to Drive and Sustain Innovation


Organisations around the world are constantly thinking about how to innovate in order to thrive in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.  

At Certis, we believe the answer lies in empowering our people to drive and sustain a culture of innovation.  

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