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05 April 2021

Leading Through Crisis – With Service From The Heart

Traveling used to be a joyous activity to many, but is now clouded by COVID -19 heightened uncertainties. Customer experience must adapt with times as service becomes key to address new acute needs today.

25 February 2021

Over 90% of Time Savings with Bespoke Cash Management Solutions

From brick and mortar stores such as supermarkets, to institutions in healthcare, estate management and more, cash remains a prevalent payment method in Singapore today.

08 February 2021

A Smarter Way to Serve our Community - Smart Networked Security from Certis

The new solution integrates Certis’ artificial intelligence (A.I) capabilities and elevates visibility in large scale events and crowded spaces.


The coronavirus pandemic has rendered the term Business As Usual REDUNDANT

The impact on business is far reaching and severe – even as the situation evolves and new waves of control measures cause deeper disruptions.

What are the urgent steps your business needs to take NOW?

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