Andrej Bransky: Tech@Certis Australia

Andrej Bransky: Tech@Certis Australia

Tech@Certis: Andrej Bransky

We get up close and personal with Andrej Bransky, the electronics and electrical engineer developing custom-made security solutions at Certis Australia.  

He might have just joined the Certis Australia Technology team at the turn of 2023, but Andrej Bransky is letting his infectious enthusiasm rub off on the business.  

To Andrej, work as an electronics and electrical engineer is not just about selling our services to the next available customer, it's about crafting tailor-made solutions to solve their security challenges. He takes pride in the fact that customers appreciate his personalised approach.   

Passion Made Possible

Without much prompting, Andrej expresses his love for meeting customers and getting to know their needs.

"Favourite part of my job? Meeting customers! When you meet them, speak to them face-to-face, understand and try to figure out their pain points. It’s not just about selling them something, but about offering them a solution that solves their problems. That's where you know that you're doing your job properly and helping people, their business(es) or their operations. This is probably the best part about work, " he explains.  

Empowering Customers

With a Master's degree in electrical engineering and many years of experience as a subcontractor, Andrej possesses unique insights. His wealth of experience, much of it with hands-on projects, enables him to understand the technicalities of installing a security solution, the requirements, challenges and key details – making him an asset when dealing with customers.

"When I go to a customer, I am able to spot how many man hours will be needed for a project, or what type of system they have. I see it from the contractor’s perspective, with experience in installing the system, which many engineers don't have. This is a big advantage for my role as an engineer. Previous on-site experience allows me to understand how our systems work and propose the best solution for customers."


The Certis Edge  

Andrej points out that the company's personalised contact and understanding of customers sets it apart from competitors. Rather than just being a name on the contract, Certis strives to build a partnership with clients, offering a level of service and support that leaves a lasting impression.  

"Customers want to hear our opinion, about what will be better for them. They take us as a company of professionals in the industry. They want to see the results, not just bureaucratic processes. That's why we are different. We talk to customers, have a more personal touch, and build trust," shares Andrej.
“I once spoke with a company’s Head of IT, and he was so happy because he had never had such a conversation with a vendor before. That conversation ended with him thanking me for the time I took to speak with him because he had some questions about the system that no one else had addressed before,” he added.  

Driving Success

Beyond his tech prowess, Andrej has a passion for two things: photography and cars. The former complements his work, as it helps him better understand the cameras and lenses used in security solutions. The latter serves as a means to unwind, with road trips to picturesque locations like Central Coast and the Royal National Park.

With his dynamic role at Certis, Andrej is paving the way for innovative security solutions and exceptional customer experiences.  

“I can ask for courses and training… We're staying updated with all the certifications we need so we can give qualified opinions on projects,” he shared.   

One Certis Family

His dedication and customer-centric approach, on top of a desire to constantly improve, is an example of the tech team he is a part of. He enjoys the positivity radiating within the Technology team at Certis Australia and looks forward to each workday.

“I like that people come together as a group, as well as how everyone brings different skills and experience to the table. That we are always helping each other out and cooperating is testament to our teamwork.” he shares.

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