International Security Officers' Day

International Security Officers' Day

Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes: Tong Chung Lam

This International Security Officers’ Day 2023, our colleagues shares their motivation and purpose for taking on the crucial role of safeguarding our communities.  

Tong Chung Lam, Certis Hong Kong & Macau (HKMO) security officer at CDW Building in Hong Kong, shares his story.  

As the world celebrates International Security Officer Day, we turn our attention to the unsung heroes who diligently safeguard our communities. Today, we delve into the remarkable journey of Tong. Shedding light on his commitment to duty and the unique experiences that shape his role.  

"There was a day where I handled four separate incidents all in one morning. A person who was eating at a restaurant fell on the floor and was bleeding heavily. There was another person who fainted in a flat on the 20th floor in the building. Another two incidents were people reporting to police about losing their personal belongings.” 

Crucial Responsibilities  

A day in the life of Tong is filled with important procedures and routines, all while keeping the community and his area safe.  
"Usually in the morning we will do a briefing with all colleagues to let them know if there are any special remarks/renovation works in the building. We will also aid lift crowd-control during peak hours so occupants can get into the lift without overcrowding."  

With a distinguished career spanning five years in the security industry, of which the recent two were with Certis, Tong’s expertise and prowess are undeniable to ensuring the safety and well-being of CDW Building and its occupants.

Professional Advice 

Tong’s years of experience has made responding to these incidents become second nature. 

“We have a standard procedure to handle these incidents – we will notify colleagues to notify the paramedics and police and aiding them throughout. The key is that we need to think one step ahead to make the process more efficient and maintaining your composure.”  

He has a brilliant mindset focused on doing his best at his job. 

“Always think of others – if I don’t excel at my job, it may negatively affect our clients, members of public and my colleagues. Our job is to ensure security and safety, not to create more trouble.” 

Skills and Technology 

Technological advancements have become invaluable assets in the realm of security, and Tong fully embraces their potential.  

“The CCTVs Certis uses are integrated into a system that will alert us if it detects that someone enters a restricted place. This provides a more up-to-date and efficient way of ensuring the safety of the premises.” 

Tong’s dedication to his craft extends beyond his natural aptitude, as he actively seeks opportunities for growth through specialised training.  

“Quality Assurance System (QAS) training course is a must but I have also passed the course for first aid training organized by Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Association. This can help my job as sometimes there are incidents where people need basic medical treatment.”


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