Delivering Efficiencies, Streamlined Processes and Improved Governance

Delivering Efficiencies, Streamlined Processes and Improved Governance

Meet the Certis Security Australia Team Behind Major Roster Migration Initiative

The National Operations Centre (NOC) is critical to the security operations and success of Certis Security Australia. It is where we monitor and keep control of everything we do for our clients across over 500 sites, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. It is also where the rostering occurs for all our Protective Services clients to ensure they have the right guard, at the right time, delivering the right services.

Since 2018, the NOC had been operating on two separate rostering systems. 

At the beginning of 2020, major efforts were taken to migrate the rostering of guard services into one platform. The objective was to achieve one rostering system for Certis Security Australia. In this way, the company is organised to deliver customer benefits such as efficiency, improved governance and the ability to deliver last minute ad hoc requests on a large scale. Certis Security Australia is now equipped with the consolidation of direct and subcontractor guard resources, delivering an increase of 30% in resources.

Speaking about their project, Linda Willard from the team said the biggest achievement was being able to advance the businesses technology efforts to support the efficient and effective operations delivery. “There were multiple technological improvements the team were able to implement for the business, from real-time rostering publication across three platforms – Microster, BOSS and Allegro – to syncing all compliance and skills data of our security guards into one platform.” 

Behind this milestone for the business was a team of dedicated, highly skilled and driven members, who despite the added challenges faced because of COVID-19, such as working from home and reduced hours, were able to deliver a complex project, in an online collaboration environment.

During this project, the team made significant enhancements to the technology platform – the Business Operations Support System - to be able to integrate seamlessly into the rostering system. At the same time, they also implemented the Allegro self-service app for our frontline employees to be able to receive notification of their shifts, accept shifts, view rosters and access Certis Security Australia news in real-time. 

The Rostering Migration Team was made up of people from various departments such as Special Projects, Information Technology and Operations Technology - Linda Willard (Senior Manager, Special Projects), Phillip Young (Applications Manager, IT), Ossama Ghanem (Applications Developer, IT), Tomas Draper (Manager, Ops Tech and Special Projects) and Domenic Giardini (National Operations Centre Manager). They each played an individual yet vital role from project management, user acceptance training, applications management, applications development, configuration, training, configuring roster patterns and transition planning. 

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