#HerCertisStory: Soukaina Mouslik

#HerCertisStory: Soukaina Mouslik

#HerCertisStory: Soukaina Mouslik

For International Women’s Day 2023, some of our colleagues share insights about what helps them find purpose and success in their career with Certis.

Soukaina Mouslik, Executive Secretary at GSS Certis International in Qatar shares her story.  

At just over a year ‘old’ with the company, Soukaina Mouslik may be considered ‘new’ to the GSS Certis International family in Qatar. Yet she can already count work experiences that many of us can only dream about.  

“I first joined Certis as an administrative and logistics executive. When the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 took place in November, I had the opportunity to be right in the thick of the action at the Command Centre where I helped to coordinate the support between our company and our clients during the World Cup matches,” Soukaina shared.  

“Those two months were really special experiences for me. After the Word Cup, I returned to Certis as executive secretary to our Managing Director Luis Phay and am also supporting the sales team.” 

Pursuing Excellence 

“It makes me both happy and proud when I am able to make a positive impact on the lives of others and that my work is able to make a difference, such as when I can help colleagues solve problems,” said Soukaina, who emceed for the recent Qatar edition of Certis Pinnacle Awards that recognises the outstanding efforts and achievements of Certis staff in Qatar. 

“When I work on projects that are both challenging and meaningful, it makes me feel like I am contributing to something bigger than myself,” she explained, crediting her first experiences in the administrative and logistics team as key learning points that have allowed her a deeper appreciation of how the company worked, and ways resources are applied to support clients.  

Besides a voracious appetite to pick up new knowledge and seek out different experiences, Soukaina also practices mindfulness. “My secret for always giving my best at work is to stay focused on what I’m working on, to keep learning, and to celebrate the small victories that motivate me to reach bigger ones,” she divulged. “I also try to have fun and enjoy the work that I am doing as I keep going with a smile. The best thing? Starting the day by looking at the mirror in the morning and smiling brightly to myself,” she added.   

Coping with Challenges 

While Soukaina  relishes the challenges and satisfaction her work brings, she is also mindful about taking care of herself. Besides practising meditative yoga, the 31-year-old is also an active volunteer with GSS Certis International’s corporate social responsibility efforts.  

“I try to manage my time well. Every day, I will write down what I have planned for tomorrow and try to also do meditation yoga at least once a week,” she shared.  

"In the face of challenges, I will try to break down the issue, start with smaller steps and brainstorm with others too. I like to think about solutions, instead of focusing on how difficult the challenge is. All these challenges will only make me stronger,” she added.  

Supportive and Inspiring Influences 

In the face of challenges at work and in her personal life, Soukaina can count on her ever-supportive parents.   
“My mum has always been that person who motivates me to pursue my passions and interests, as long as I keep her updated. She gives me the confidence to do things and that support means a lot to me. Because of that, I feel that I can share anything with my parents. She seems to really know me and respects my decisions. This is very unlike many other traditional families in Morocco where I’m from,” explained Soukaina, who makes it a point to call home each night to speak with her mother about her day. 

For all the confidence she exudes as an independent woman living and working away from home in Morocco, Soukaina credits two men for their influence in in her life.  
Her father, in particular, means the world to her. “My dad is a very special person to me. He was the one who taught me that I can say no to things, and didn’t have to please everyone. He was the one who really encouraged me to be independent. He does express his concern for me since I’m away from home, but reminds me that he’s always there whenever I need him,” she explained.  

In the workplace, GSS Certis International Managing Director Luis Phay is someone she holds in high regard. “I feel that Mr Luis is someone who gets people, and the advice he shares allows me to think deeper and inspires me to discover my passions for learning, find myself, grow and achieve my best at work. He is also someone who is able to build relationships with others as a leader and just seems to always know exactly what to say and do to make things better,” she shared. 

Empowering Women 

With a view towards helping others, Soukaina names Moroccan social worker Aicha Chenna and her work in advocating for women’s rights and child welfare as someone she really admires. “She is someone who is selfless, and is always doing her best for others. She’s determined, strong and will go to the ends of the world for things and people she believes in to make a difference for other people,” she explained.  

In her personal capacity, and from her own experience with challenges, Soukaina has these words of encouragement to share: 

1. It's okay to be not okay. Take time to heal.  
2. Communicate. Sometimes when we talk it out with family, friends and even colleagues, we can find a solution.  
3. You are capable, and you can find the courage and power to overcome your obstacles.  
4. Everyone has his or her own method. Take all the time you need and don't compare yourself with others.   

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