International Security Officers' Day

International Security Officers' Day

Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes: Edrisa Bukenya

This International Security Officers’ Day 2023, our colleagues share their motivation and purpose for taking on the crucial role of safeguarding our communities. 

Edrisa Bukenya, a quality assurance trainer in Msheireb Downtown Doha for Certis Qatar, shares his story.  

In a world teeming with unsung heroes, there are those who dedicate their lives to protecting us, often without receiving the recognition they deserve. This International Security Officers’ Day, we celebrate the remarkable journey of Edrisa Bukenya, a man whose commitment and passion exemplifies what it means to undertake a role in security.

Transformative Journey 

Edrisa, currently a supervisor at GSS Certis International, comes with a storied past. Among his previous roles, was serving as a driver for a general, and bodyguard for his previous employer’s children in his homeland of Uganda.

“I started as security guard, and a patrolling warden at Hamad International Airport, and after that I went and joined the Nakilat, which is the biggest gas shipping company. But nothing comes closes to what GSS Certis International offers." 

He may be a quality assurance trainer with the company, but when the need arises, Edrisa can be counted on to step up and oversee security operations at various sites around Qatar.  

Varied Responsibilities 

When asked about his work, Edrisa opts to frame it as key responsibilities under his care. Safety, security, customer care, customer service, and maintaining a sense of professionalism – these are all the focus areas he is passionate about.  

Elaborating, he said: “The main thing has do with safety – and that is keeping property, fellow human beings and myself safe. Then, there is security – and that is ensuring property both private, public and Government buildings] is secure and safe.” 

“Also, I have to do customer care. This is a bit that I actually learnt from Certis... I have learnt customer service is very vital. Customer care – how you relate to customers, how you relate to potential customers. And the sense of professionalism, is in the way you carry yourself. It may not be the exact client, but there may be someone who sees you with the Certis lanyard, and they have the trust that you know what you’re doing,” he explained. 

Excellence in Customer Service 

Handling difficult customers is an art that Edrisa has mastered through managing his own emotions with experience.  

“I have learnt that it is very vital not to use emotions, when you are acting. You accept the emotions that you have, and draw back, do not respond until you are out of that emotional trigger. Don’t act on that very first emotion that you are in, or the emotion that they triggered.  

“I know my weakness, that I am emotional. What I have learnt is do not respond when I am emotionally charged. I will draw back, pay attention to gestures and body language. Being objective, and taking points and focusing on the matter at hand, the issue that is being explained is important to staying focused and objective and to keeping calm to create a proper response,” he explained.  

Passion to Serve 

Highly disciplined, Edrisa would take the time to exercise and prepare both body and mind for the day ahead. His day often starts three hours before he’s due to report for duty. When asked about his motivation, Bukenya's eyes light up, radiating a genuine enthusiasm for his work. He attributes his energy to the sheer love he has for what he does, and his responsibility and duty to his colleagues and the members of public that he protects. 

“The energy comes from the part that I love what I do. I enjoy it and I have to set an example for the people I want to lead. I have to have a stringent routine... My choice is to take care of myself, to make sure I stay fit, focused and razor sharp.” 

When asked about whether people appreciate his efforts and devotion to serve in the job, Bukenya shares a heartfelt principle that he lives by.  

“What I believe is that people do notice. To make sure that we are well dressed. It is very vital to look the part. It is important to play the role, your role. To look the part, and to play the part. If you are working for appreciation that look like that, just get to know people, not very many people are ready to appreciate you for whatever you do. You do it for the greater good of making sure that you play your role, you are in your place and you are comfortable in your space. That is my advice.” 

Embracing Technology 

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Edrisa shares how he doesn’t just enjoy reading up on current affairs to broaden his horizons, but is also embracing technology to reap the benefits it brings to his work.  

“I wasn’t good at it at all. Now this is something I really enjoy after learning through the course of my work with Certis. I think that it is very easy. There are some things like making reports and drafting some things with machines. It’s a blessing, that technology is there, and we can use it the right way.  

There are a lot of technologies that I have learnt to use that I wouldn’t have if I was in my home. I appreciate that the world is moving, and I am moving with it, just because I am with this company.”  

Edrisa's journey is a testament to the dedication and unwavering spirit of security officers worldwide. His passion, commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence make him a true superhero in our midst. This International Security Officers’ Day, let us appreciate and honour the commitment of officers like Edrisa who works tirelessly to protect us, our loved ones, and our communities.  

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