Dynamic Duo, a driving force in aviation and IT offerings in Australia

Dynamic Duo, a driving force in aviation and IT offerings in Australia

Turning Childhood Passion Into a Successful Career

Certis Dynamic Duo, Jonathan and James

Three years ago, Jonathan Low and James Tosswill joined Certis Security Australia to turn their childhood passion into innovative and rewarding careers. Through diverse mentoring and learning opportunities at Certis, this dynamic duo is now a driving force behind the cohesion of Certis’ Aviation Security and IT offerings in Australia.  

Jonathan Certis Security Australia

Growing up, Jonathan enjoyed experimenting with new technologies to solve challenging problems. Today, in his role as the Assistant Manager for Aviation Security Operations at Certis Security Australia, he continues to harness that passion for innovation. Leading teams which provide logistical and operational support at Sydney Airport, a key aspect of Jonathan’s work includes navigating the challenge of maintaining compliance between the regulator and client to ensure safety at the highest level.

“The opportunity to work with Australia’s largest airports to ensure the safety and security of passengers with innovative technology solutions including Security+ and BPRO is an immense privilege”, said Jonathan. Similarly, James was laser-focused from an early age that he would work with technology. At Certis Security Australia, he is the IT Operations and Information Security Manager, representing a link between business and IT functions. Together, James and Jonathan work on a range of projects to innovate and enhance aviation security. With new projects, technologies and systems, James identifies IT pain-points and uses his technological expertise to deploy industry leading security solutions for internal and external stakeholders. 

“Being able to collaborate with Jonathan and advise on industry leading security and IT solutions has provided incredible professional growth,” said James. Enhancing their teamwork and leadership, the dynamic duo has benefitted immensely from Certis’ mentoring and learning opportunities including courses on Design Thinking and the leading Seven Habits and Insights programmes. “The learning programmes really developed my capabilities as an individual in understanding where my skills fit into the wider business picture,” Jonathan explained. In reflecting upon his journey at Certis, James shared his pride in participating in learning programmes linked to his passion.

In recent years, Jonathan and James have been an integral part of many digitally led innovation and look forward to continuing to roll out robotics and AI initiatives at leading airports across Australia over the coming years. At Certis, Jonathan and James have had many opportunities to harness their passion and bring innovation to the future of aviation security, while developing lasting bonds and teamwork that exemplify the Certis values.

James Certis Security Australia



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