Tech@Certis: Leonard Cheng

We get up close and personal with Leonard Cheng, an Operations Project Manager in Certis Hong Kong & Macau. With over 10 years of experience in developing and managing security systems, Leonard is an expert at merging consumer objectives with the right technological solutions for maximum results. 

A Worthy Challenge

Leonard's job entails more than just figuring out what the customers want; it also includes turning their visions into reality. The variety of his work is what makes it so alluring.  

“Every project is unique in nature and has its own requirements where it can be challenging. I feel very satisfied every time I can make use of my expertise to execute the project or when I exceed customers’ expectations,” he shares.  

Beyond the boundaries of technology, Leonard finds comfort in an interesting hobby: Gundam model kits. Leonard is a collector of these exquisite collectibles, and his showcase demonstrates his appreciation of excellence and keen eye for detail.

“I like collecting and building Gundam! However, sometimes I hesitate to build them because I want them to be built perfectly, but it takes a really long time; so, it turns out that some Gundams are still in boxes waiting for me to build,” he exclaims.  

Surpassing Limits

Challenges are bound to exist. Leonard deftly balances the complex communications between several parties, each with their own requirements and constraints.

“The nature of the role is having to communicate with and understand the needs, and limitations, of each party. The challenge is also having to see how I can strike a balance between different parties; whilst fulfilling customers’ requirements and executing the project up to our own standards,” says Leonard. Naturally, satisfaction and pride happen whenever projects get executed well to the delight of clients, and in a way that is managed well by the teams involves, and sustainable for the business.

Make a difference today

Through Thick and Thin

Certis distinguishes with its distinctive personality amid the hectic environment of businesses. As he talks about the culture of camaraderie at the organisation, Leonard's eyes sparkle.

“I found Certis very different in terms of people relationships. The working environment here is very friendly and the team spirit is high. We always have team activities and gatherings which helped me settle into the company quickly, as I got along well with my colleagues. My colleagues and manager assisted me during onboarding, and I know I can always seek help from them, when necessary,” he shares.  

Heartening Culture  

Along the way, he attended trainings in areas like network security to further his understanding and ensure the resilience of the solutions they offer.  

“I have already attended network security training to ensure the safety of the systems we provide,” he remarks.

For anyone interested in a career with Certis, Leonard has this to share: “Certis is a place where you are trained to be an independent contributor, or as a team player, where you can share your own views and put your expertise into action, whilst counting on the support of team mates to back you up and help you out when needed.”   

“I would say 'One Certis’ really describes it all - friendly and supportive and we really work as a team,” he adds. 

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