Sharban Gupta: Tech@Certis Qatar - Certis

Sharban Gupta: Tech@Certis Qatar - Certis

Tech@Certis: Sharban Gupta

We get up close and personal with Sharban Gupta, an IT specialist in charge of web applications, dashboards and technical enquiries at Certis Qatar.

Sharban Gupta was a Computer Science and IT lecturer back in Nepal before discovering his place at Certis, where he now enjoys a rewarding career in helping develop our technology business in Qatar.  

“I quit my job in Nepal to try working abroad. I wanted to come, see how my life will change, see how the things will go… Seems like it has been successful,” he muses. 

Sharban began his career with Certis as a uniformed member of the aviation security team. That was until the technology team noticed his exceptional IT expertise, which allowed him to move up from the uniformed ranks and apply his skills in IT operations.

“I was a normal guard deployed in aviation security as a screener. I may have joined as an officer, but I had an opportunity for growth when my qualifications were recognised and I was recruited into the team as an IT support specialist,” shares Sharban.

Inquisitive Learning

For Sharban, every day is a new adventure in the world of technology. As a vital member of Certis Qatar's technology team, he thrives on fresh challenges and learning something new each day. With an insatiable appetite for learning, Sharban makes sure to stay updated with the latest advancements in technology, making him the go-to ‘expert’ when colleagues encounter problems.  

“Each day, I come to learn something new. Technical things are like a hobby for me.” describes the gaming enthusiast.  

Sharban enjoys the dynamism that comes from working with technology, and often attends training courses to advance his knowledge of Microsoft’s Power Apps, data visualisation, and other cutting-edge programmes and digital tools.

“He had basic training from XQ, on Microsoft Power App development., At the moment, we are exploring what other training opportunities that would be beneficial to his growth,” adds Sachin Varghese, his manager.

Maximising Productivity

Sharban's flexibility has been on full show, from offering user tech assistance to mastering Power Apps and Power BI. His proficiency in laptop repairs and troubleshooting has allowed the business to significantly save on expenses by reusing and refurbishing equipment rather than purchasing new ones.

“There was a requirement for 25 laptops for the training centre. Instead of buying new ones, we managed to fix up all the old laptops reducing unnecessary costs,” shares Sharban.


Empowering Efficiency

Sharban's services go beyond standard technical assistance. He played a key role in the creation of a mobile app that expedited the lost-and-found procedure and cut down the number of man-hours needed for searches to just a few minutes. He was crucial in simplifying a time-consuming procedure that previously required many people and time.

“There were lots of lost and found incidents and the data was all over the place. We used to have physical paper forms to process this data. The client and the operations team wanted a solution to make their life easier. Sarban went down to the site, identified the issues and utilised his operational knowledge.  His IT and operations knowledge from his aviation officer days created an effective solution,” affirms Sachin.   

A Second Family

Sharban discovered a helpful and friendly workplace at Certis. The familial atmosphere of the business encourages open communication and fosters teamwork, making it simple for staff members to ask for assistance and impart information.

“If we need, or want something, we can easily ask without reservations. No one would boss you around or ask you to find someone else,” he reveals.  

Powering Through Challenges

Sharban's strategy is to fully immerse himself in each circumstance, despite running into fresh challenges issues every day. He meticulously investigates the problem, weighs the pros and cons of several solutions, and then finds the optimal approach. Leading a lean team during the FIFA World Cup 2022, he successfully installed Wi-Fi access for over 1000 people.  

Newbie Tips

Certis offers plenty of chances for workers to flourish personally and professionally, making sure they stay on the cutting edge of technical developments.

“Technology is growing every day. Joining Certis will keep you up to date. There is something new to learn each day, and we get to see new things, and not do the same things back-to-back,” he shares.

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