Nurturing young talents with diverse growth opportunities

Nurturing young talents with diverse growth opportunities

Grooming the Next Generation of Technology Leaders

Meet Daniel Ezzra, a 23-year old fresh graduate from Institute of Technical Education (ITE). He had joined Certis in 2018 as part of ITE’s Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) programme, which enables students to study and work at the same time, upgrading themselves academically while gaining real-life working experience.

As part of the WSDip programme, Daniel joined Certis Technology Singapore (CTS) as a trainee for two and a half years and gained many new skills. As a trainee with no prior working experience, Daniel took up opportunities to rotate across various departments and exposed himself to diverse roles. From the Projects department to Engineering Service Centre, Daniel quickly adapted to the different environments and learnt how to handle a variety of technologies, such as security cameras, sensors, access control systems and many more. Not only did he receive compliments from his supervisors on his good attitude and hard work, the customers he served also praised him for being meticulous and going out of the way to provide good service.

On 8 December 2020, Daniel received an award from Second Education Minister Maliki Osman in a virtual award-presentation ceremony. Among 62 graduates in his course, WSDip in Security Systems Engineering, he had attained the best academic grades and achieved top performance on the job compared to his peers.

Today, he has become a full-time Field Engineer at CTS and is excited to continue building his career here. “Certis uses technology constantly to boost efficiency for customers and staff. I really like that I come into contact with different technologies everyday and learn how to use them in different situations,” he added that Certis has helped him to apply his academic knowledge into specific technologies relevant to the Security Systems industry.

Over the course of his training, not only has Daniel grown his technical skills, he also learnt interpersonal skills, customer relations and professionalism at work. He is now more confident when he interacts with customers, and looks forward to new roles and even more learning opportunities that are readily available in Certis.

His supervisor, Darrel Tan, Senior Manager at CTS, fully supports Daniel and other trainees in experiencing different functions in Certis. He will also help them to find the specialisation they would like to develop in.

In fact, Darrel is happy that the partnership with ITE has brought in these young talents. “Not only do they bring in new academia knowledge and fresh perspectives, we are also able to nurture these aspiring talents with the hard and soft skills the company needs,” Darrel explains.

By equipping the trainees with the relevant knowledge and skillsets, they are able to fit into the team and complete tasks quickly. Darrel says that for Daniel, “he is able to get things done with less supervision and is ready to represent Certis to interface with customers. I look forward to see him progress through the company career roadmap.”

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