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JTC Corporation - WIRED for Command and Control

>60 properties

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football fields

25% increase in

>1,200 CCTVs

The Story

As the leading Government agency responsible for the development of Singapore’s industrial spaces, innovation and sustainability rank high among JTC Corporation’s (JTC) priorities.
Read on to learn more about this transformative journey undertaken by Certis for JTC’s South-West precinct since 2019.

JTC Summit - Headquarters of JTC Corporation

The Challenge

Comprising a large number of different sites for various purposes across a large area in the South-West of Singapore, Certis was given the challenge to simplify the complex task of managing the JTC's South-West precinct’s security operations, which typically requires a large security force to maintain safety and security of its massive footprint. 

The first priority was to transition from a traditionally manpower-intensive model of security operations to one that is outcome-based. 

As the partner of choice, Certis was tasked to manage the security operations of some 60 sites – including community spaces, industrial buildings and vacant land – spanning an area of 450 football fields (150 sq km), with a footfall of over 10,000 people each day.

Specific requirements such as maintaining a robust security presence to deter threats, as well as prompt detection, response and management of incidents, meant that a strategic technology-powered, data-driven approach was necessary to improve command and control of security operations with 24/7 surveillance and real-time incident updates.

WIRED for Command and Control

Collaboration was key to Certis’ ability to meeting the desired security requirements and fulfilling outcomes.

Through Certis’ unique principle of Operational-Design First, we worked hand-in-hand with the precinct’s management team, and its partners, to fully understand the unique security needs of each site before our solutions architects devised a robust integrated solution that enhanced existing operations for better visibility, control and mobility.

Mozart's single pane of visibility

To establish and maintain seamless operations, a centralised Security Operations Centre (SOC) was deployed as a single command and control hub with complete oversight, with the ability to orchestrate the entire JTC South-West precinct’s security operations.

Central to its new advanced security operations, is Mozart, Certis’ multi-service orchestration platform. Integrating over 150 streams of video analytics from 1,200 CCTVs and data from 700 smart sensors across the JTC South-West properties, the system now intelligently tracks and monitors all sites across the vast area of operations.

Monitoring more than 60 JTC properties

This data-driven system has resulted in a fully-consolidated operational view of its properties and their surrounding areas. This raises the bar for surveillance and control as individual site operations can be reviewed at a glance. Planning too, is more efficient with greater flexibility to scale manpower deployments to meet specific operational needs.

CCTVs and smart sensors capture a myriad of data for analysis

Creating Outcomes that Matter

Implementing such smart systems in its security operations has empowered the precinct’s management team with data-qualified insights and awareness of situations to support planning and decision making.

For example, Certis’ technology teams made use of AI to tailor video analytics and surveillance capabilities for unique needs, such as the detection of wandering wildlife at sites, especially those located next to forested areas. Details, such as the frequency and timing of such wildlife sightings, allow the right processes to be put in place to ensure public – and animal – safety.

Certis’ operational effectiveness in centrally tracking and managing operations is enhanced by autonomous solutions on the ground. Data from smart sensors, such as those for fire alarms, lift faults and restroom emergency call points are consolidated on Mozart’s dashboard, enabling rapid incident detection and identification of safety risks so that pre-emptive action can be taken.

24/7 remote monitoring enables effective allocation of manpower and resources

Instead of fixed deployments of officers at sites, mobile patrols are dispatched to patrol clusters of properties. The flexibility and dynamism of these patrols have ensured that incidents were swiftly responded to, and has helped deter illegal activities such as unauthorised gatherings.

In many instances, our roving patrol teams were first responders on the ground, spotting hazards such as fallen trees across service roads and coordinating responses to incidents.

These physical efforts were further supported by functional cross training and a unique scope of work that had been developed together with the precinct’s management team. Now, officers cross-trained in facilities management often spot issues, such as faulty lighting and water leaks, which are quickly identified and reported to the estate management teams directly through their ‘Report A Fault App’ for attention.

Certis mobile patrols as first responders to any incidents on the ground

25% Productivity Gains with Technology

Certis’ versatile on-ground expertise and data-driven digital solutions has improved the productivity of our officers by 25%. Today, just 26 officers are required to oversee the security operations across of the JTC South-West precinct, compared to 35 required previously.

Argus, an all-encompassing mobile application used in our security officers’ course of duty, is integral in improving efficiency and coordination between the SOC and frontline officers. Tasks such as security reporting, assignment management, and process monitoring, are now managed in real-time, enabling our security officers to fulfil their duties with greater awareness of their responsibilities, receive immediate assignments, and proactively take charge of incidents whilst offering live updates and reports of situations they encounter.

Certis Security Officer utilising Argus during their routine patrols

A Model Partnership

Certis’ collaborative approach with its client underscores how a technology-led, data-driven approach can transform security operations for win-win outcomes. 

By blending our expertise in coordination and planning with technology and insights, Certis goes beyond meeting just the security challenges of the South-West Master Contract. We bridge the challenges of distance to achieve new standards of command and control. At the same time, Certis maintains safe and secure environments and consistently for users of the properties within the area. 

In the longer term, the gains from this improved productivity translate into greater cost containment on top of consistently superior security outcomes.


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