Jewel Changi Airport - WIRED for Smart Integrated Facilities Management

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Jewel Changi Airport - WIRED for Smart Integrated Facilities Management

>5,000 smart sensors

60% reduction in incident
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15%reduction in

40%savings in time
spent on reporting

The Story

Located at the heart of the one of the world’s best airport, Jewel Changi Airport takes pride in offering the same degree of excellence in leisure experiences for visitors in an environment that is not only safe, secure and comfortable, but one that leaves a most breath-taking impression in the same instance. 

To achieve this, Jewel Changi Airport invested in a digital eco-system where both technology and data are effectively integrated into its entire spectrum of operations to enable holistic command and control. 

Certis' ops-tech solutions helps Jewel to be WIRED for the best visitor experience

The Challenge

With an immense built-up area of over 135,700 square metres visited by over 300,000 people each day, managing operations the scale of Jewel Changi Airport with over 250 retail and dining outlets can be an intimidating undertaking. The challenges are further compounded by the diverse range of experiences including retail, dining, leisure and hospitality.

Prior to its opening in April 2019, Jewel Changi Airport partnered Certis to innovate the way operations should be managed, eschewing traditional manpower-intensive models in favour of a lean, efficient and sustainable outcome-based approach – a solution that mitigated challenges such as manpower shortages, and rising wages and utilities costs.

As Jewel’s facilities management and security strategic partner, Certis had the responsibility of ensuring that visitors were immersed in not only a pleasant and comfortable environment, but one that was also safe and secure. The partnership culminated in a strategic approach to how operations were designed, managed and integrated overall with bespoke technology-led data-driven solutions.

And the result was an enhanced command and control outfit offering full visibility of its facilities and operations, complete with 24/7 surveillance, real-time updates and data-qualified insights for decision-making.

WIRED for Smart Integrated Facilities Management

Collaboration was key to successfully managing operations, facilities management objectives and fulfilling outcomes.

Through Certis’ unique principle of Operational-Design First, our solutions architects worked closely with Jewel Changi Airport’s management team to fully understand the scale, scope and nature of its operations.

Key priorities included drawing on Certis’ operations and technology expertise when devising a bespoke solution so that it could be smoothly integrated with all aspects of Jewel’s security, operations and facilities management systems that were in use.

Jewel Centralised Smart Operations Centre

To establish and maintain seamless operations, a centralised Smart Operations Centre (SOC) was deployed as a single command and control nerve centre for its entire security, operations and facilities management.

The SOC constantly monitors the entire facility’s operations to support visitor, workplace and traffic safety, on top of security with 24/7 surveillance. Besides coordinating incident response, the SOC is that one single point for accountability to its management.

Central to Jewel’s advanced ability to control and manage operations is Mozart, Certis’ multi-service orchestration platform that integrates, collects and analyses data from over 5,000 smart sensors and 700 CCTVs from across its 10 floors. Harmoniously operating in tandem, these systems help organise and orchestrate processes ranging from maintenance, incident response and monitoring of the entire complex with a vigilant eye out for incidents.

Mozart monitors the entire complex to ensure smooth building operations

Mozart’s abilities are complemented by AI capabilities such as video analytics that scan and review the constant streams of CCTV footage for threats such as unattended bags. Smart sensors, designed to monitor temperature and detect leaks, also play a pivotal role in utility management by monitoring environmental conditions and detecting anomalies. Many initiatives have been recognised in industry awards, such as the implementation of Leak Guard IoT sensors that detect and ultimately prevent water leakage. The results are remarkable, with close to 100% success rates for the detection of leaks.

As a testament to our capabilities, Certis’ facilities management team is also responsible for the management of attractions, such as the iconic 40-metre Jewel Rain Vortex and its daily light and music showcase.

At the heart of these operations, this data-driven system has raised the bar for facilities management at Jewel. Over the long term, such improvements in productivity and savings in utilities will contribute significantly to overall cost containment.

CCTVs and smart sensors capture a myriad of data for analysis

WIRED for Command and Control

On the security front, Mozart’s ability to organise and analyse data, as well as deliver insights through a single dashboard ensures that Jewel Changi Airport’s management team never misses an update. Real-time overviews on the state of the facility’s operations and round-the-clock monitoring have set unparalleled standards for situational awareness and control.

For example, heat-map data from sensors that detect the build-up of crowds help enhance the security team’s awareness of the ground, enabling pre-emptive crowd control measures to be activated to manage situations.

Elsewhere, robots such as PETER, Certis’ patrol and enforcement robot, take on routine tasks such as kerb-side patrols and traffic enforcement. This enhances Certis’ security coverage of public areas with real-time surveillance, complementing the physical presence of our security teams.

Certis Security Officer responding to an incident alerted by PETER

On the ground, Certis’ security officers count on Argus, the all-encompassing mobile application used in their course of duty, to file security reports, manage assignments, and monitor processes in real-time. Through Argus, Certis security officers fulfil their duties with greater awareness of their responsibilities, receive immediate incident alerts, and proactively take charge of situations whilst being able to offer live updates as events happen.

Armed with features such as real-time alerts, Argus has significantly enhanced productivity. Officers now take 60% less time to respond to incidents on the ground, and save up to 40% on the time taken to file incident reports.

These smart systems and physical efforts were further supported by functional cross training and a unique scope of work that had been developed together with Jewel. This has allowed Certis to reap 15% in manpower savings while achieving desired service outcomes.

Feedback is captured and analysed in real-time, allowing for prompt incident management

A Model Partnership

Certis’ collaboration with Jewel Changi Airport illustrates how an innovative, data-driven, technology-led approach has successfully integrated operational disciplines with transformative outcomes that are efficient, effective and sustainable over the long term.

By blending Certis’ expertise in coordination and planning with technology and data, we have successfully integrated all of its operations whilst meeting its key objective of delivery exceptional customer experiences and in safe, secure and comfortable environment. Crucially, Certis is able to achieve this with a high level of command and control, where all aspects of facilities management are integrated with a system that sustainably mitigates the pressures of rising costs.

As Jewel Changi Airport continues to deliver world-class experiences as one of Singapore’s most iconic travel destinations, Certis is aligned and committed to being a part of that journey with consistently superior security, operations and facilities management outcomes.


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