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Our Security Solutions

Enhance your Operations with Bespoke Ops-tech Solutions

Certis Australia excels in creating tailored ops-tech solutions, uniquely assisting businesses in effectively managing operations.

With decades of expertise, we seamlessly integrate physical and mobile security patrols, technology systems, IoT, and concierge services to enhance business operations across various industries.

Our Solutions

Security Guarding

Security Guarding

We excel in crafting solutions that meet expectations for safeguarding physical property, people, and information. From major transport hubs to event venues, explore our Physical Security Guarding offerings tailored to diverse environments.

Mobile Patrols
  • Responsive yet cost-effective way to maintain a security presence. 
  • Cutting-edge connectivity via our integrated communications systems and 24/7 monitoring and real time support from our National Operations Centre.
  • Tracked for service validation so that exact requirements, such as location and timing specifics are met.
  • Quick incident response with prompt action and coordination between our officers on the ground, management partners, stakeholders and even emergency services.
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Gatehouse Security
  • Our proprietary solutions will give you a comprehensive record of processes, comply with regulations for audit purposes, and help you set industry benchmarks.
  • Expertise in conducting vehicle checks with systematic entry of seal cards into the national system, freight scanning for contraband, as well as screening of all vehicles, cargo and personnel. 
  • Expect operations to be structured around data-driven insights that offer full command and control of everything that’s happening within, and around, your facility.
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Security Screening
  • From air and sea ports, private corporate functions to large-scale national events, we provide tailored screening services that cut across personnel, baggage and even cargo screening. 
  • Our screening officers are trained in the correct use and configuration of screening equipment, licensed in the detection of threats as well as dangerous and illicit goods.
  • Technology is used to provide comprehensive reports of all screening activity. 
  • Certis Australia has been a proud long-standing partner of Sydney Airport and more recently, the Port Authority of New South Wales in Sydney, where we provide comprehensive security screening solutions.
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Event Security & Crowd Control
  • From indoor concerts and exhibitions to packed stadiums and large-scale outdoor festivals, we can tailor your event security needs to meet specific requirements.
  • As part of our event security solution, Certis risk assessments help understand your event's challenges and vulnerabilities so the right support can be implemented.
  • We are supported by smart technology systems in keeping a vigilant eye out for threats, mitigate risks, and swiftly attend to incidents.
  • All event security officers also have valid security licences with crowd control and first aid certifications.
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Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology

Supported by a team of engineers, analysts and technology specialists, our Operational-Design First approach sees us co-create solutions with partners and clients.

Our focus? Having practical solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing business operations, and effectively managed to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Operations technology (ops-tech)
  • Systems integration
  • Intelligent analytics and surveillance solutions
  • Smart hub and smart city solutions
  • IoT system monitoring services
  • Network & security
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Security alarm systems
Access Controls
  • Get full control and visibility over who comes in and goes around your facility with our range of access management solutions.
  • From locking systems that can be remotely controlled to gated access points and physical barriers.
  • Our technology-enabled smart solutions can be implemented, and managed seamlessly as part of our operations. 
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Video Surveillance
  • Smart CCTV camera systems complement our static guards by remotely monitoring safety at high-risk areas for continued surveillance and support.
  • Sites where these systems are deployed are monitored 24/7 at our National Operations Centre to detect disturbances, watch for safety and keep tabs on the status of sites. 
  • With a state-of-the-art alarm system, security camera, and trained staff, threats are detected quickly and handled securely.
  • Video surveillance systems are integrated within existing operations to enhance the command and control of sites.
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Security Alarm Systems
  • Our alarm systems excel in detecting anomalies and disturbances, and will promptly trigger alerts for swift response. A formidable deterrent against crime, intrusion, trespassing and terrorist acts.
  • Alarm systems can be seamlessly integrated with a larger operations management system, enhancing your overall security infrastructure and enabling comprehensive command and control.
  • Certis Australia delivers 24/7 support through our National Operations Centre (NOC), a centralised hub located in our Sydney Head Office.
  • The command centre allows us to monitor and support our protective services division across more than 500 sites, with support ranging from incident reporting to welfare check-ins and ad hoc requests.
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Business Operations Support System (BOSS)
  • BOSS is an exclusive digital platform programmed in a handy mobile application with the ability to integrate operations seamlessly.
  • Produces market-leading real-time reporting and response capabilities coupled with analytics to facilitate decision-making. 
  • Supported by our National Operations Centre that’s on standby round-the-clock.
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Drone Security
  • Easily deployed to offer a large field of view and the ability to cover vast areas of property.
  • Used for surveillance, inspection and visibility while managing workplace safety risks.
  • Records and stores video footage during patrols, which contribute data to support situational awareness, decision-making and swift response. 
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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Our wealth of experience in corporate processes and operations allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective outsourcing solutions, including logistics and human resource services.

Concierge and Guest Services
  • Professional and specially trained to meet your hospitality standards.
  • Services include allocating visitor management, logging visitor information, reception services, providing directional assistance, identifying threats and safety hazards, and more.
  • Prompt, attentive service that makes a lasting impression.
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WIRED for Success

Armed with our physical security heritage, deep market insights, unique ops-tech capabilities and expertise in integrating systems, we deliver all-encompassing solutions that allow you to focus on your core business, while we take care of the rest.

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