Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Certis, we are committed to sustainability.

Through conscious choices – focused on our People, the Environment, our Community and Customers – we are working towards a better tomorrow, for future generations.

Our Sustainability Framework

Sustainability is a journey.  

A journey that goes beyond a focus on delivering quality outcomes through our solutions, but one that involves making thoughtful decisions to enable that. Impactful outcomes should not just bring value, but leave a positive mark that benefits future generations to come.  

At Certis, this is anchored by our commitment to Our People, The Environment, Our Community and Our Customers.  

We are building a safe, inclusive, future-ready workforce, while caring for our planet. As a leading operations-tech and security provider, we hope to lead by example in creating a positive, inclusive society where the lives of the disadvantaged can be uplifted, while sustainably serving our customers' needs in ethical and compliant ways.


Our Shared Goals

Safety & Well-being
Creating safe, positive work experiences, while looking after our employees’ physical and mental well-being

The safety and wellbeing of our employees are prioritised across all aspects of our business.  

At Certis Security Australia, we believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and our refreshed Work Health & Safety (WHS) Strategy reinforces our commitment to a strong safety culture. Safety is one of our 7 core values. We highly regard our Work Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS) as an integral part of our service provision to our Australian customers. 

As a world-class organisation, we strive for the highest standards of excellence in all the markets we operate in. Industrial certifications we hold include the Bizsafe Organizational Certification (Singapore) and ISO 45001 (Australia and Qatar).

In Australia, our Modern Slavery Statement exemplifies our support for equity in our business.
Complementing physical care, we are supporting our employees’ mental well-being with Employee Assistance Programmes that offer access to trained counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists. As advocates of inclusivity, we ensure that all employees have an equal share of voice and the freedom to express ideas in the workplace through the adoption of the ALIVE Charter across the Certis Group. 

Securing the future of our people through constant skills training and upgrading

We aim to build a future-ready workforce, so our employees can thrive today and tomorrow. Priorities include uplifting our employees’ digital skills with core capabilities, particularly in the areas of Data Analytics, Digital Workplace and other programmes relevant to their individual needs.  

Besides training opportunities for frontline employees to equip them with skills for the transition towards Industry 4.0, we have Individual Development Plans with annual 24-hour learning goals to support and chart the growth of our employees.

Diversity & Inclusion
Fostering an inclusive culture that recognises and supports diversity with equal opportunities to succeed

We recognise that each employee is unique and provide them with support in different ways. Examples include meritocratic performance management, with frameworks for progression and reward so that everyone can have fair and equal opportunities to enjoy a fulfilling, progressive career with Certis. 

Emissions & Energy
Optimising operational processes to prioritise efficiency, moderate our carbon footprint, and manage the impact our business has on the environment

From environmentally-conscious infrastructure in our facilities, to the introduction of electric and hybrid fleets in our operations, we are constantly exploring ways to moderate the impact our business has on our planet.

Responsible Consumption
Conscious and responsible use of our resources

Through deliberate choices, we are taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle in our operations. This includes providing the infrastructure to enable this and having policies to spur the use of eco-friendly alternatives.


Certis Security Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the Land, recognising the continual connection to land, water and community. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.  

Here at Certis, we see opportunities driving tangible and meaningful changes, one of which is our commitment to Reconciliation. We have embarked on our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to better strengthen relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  

Learn more about our Reconciliation efforts

Giving back to the communities we serve
Building an inclusive society that uplifts the lives of the disadvantaged

We are the heart of the communities we serve in Australia. Everyone can live a life filled with passion, purpose and pride. We play our part through consistent and meaningful engagements across all levels of our organisation to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in the communities.

Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Compliance & Risk
Safeguarding our business by holding ourselves to the highest standards, as well as taking a holistic approach to risk

Robust codes of conduct standards, guidelines and policies help our people ensure the highest standards in the course of our business and enable us to manage any possible risks. These include processes that protect Personal Data, and ongoing efforts to strengthen Cyber Security in the face of ever-changing digital threats.

These are always being updated in keeping with the changing landscapes we operate in and complimented by our people through channels that enhance corporate governance, such as the Certis Whistleblowing Channel.

We also stand against any form of slavery, hence we fully support the Governments implementation of the Modern Slavery Act 2018. We are committed to enhancing our understanding of human rights, modern slavery risks and it’s impacts. Our goal is to ensure that modern slavery does not exist within our business or supply chain, as we pride ourselves as a business that respects people and human rights. Read more about our Modern Slavery Statement here. 

Innovating responsibly, for sustainable value-added outcomes

We pride ourselves in developing smart integrated solutions that give our customers valuable insights into their operations and processes, as well as help them forge a sustainable future that meets their goals of tomorrow.