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Drone Technology

The Next Frontier in Security – Drone Technology

Drone Security


Certis Security Australia is introducing “Drones as a Service” (DaaS) to our new and existing customers. This supplementary service will take Australian security to an entirely new  level. As one of Australia’s top security providers, the introduction of drones as a service will benefit Certis Security Australia’s customers in a myriad of ways, such as the enhancement of safety controls, boosting of innovation and increased operational efficiency, amongst others.


Augmenting operations in perfect symphony

Drones have a large field of view, are easily deployed and repositioned, and can be controlled on site, or remotely. They can play a key role in managing vast areas and monitoring uninvited visitors in advance without putting guards in dangerous situations. Security drones can also record and store video footage during  patrols for compliance, including the collection of data to help identify potential failures with decision making.

Below are some of the benefits of Certis Security Australia’s DaaS:


Saves Time
Drones can monitor larger areas faster including areas deemed inaccessible, or too dangerous for standard patrols.

Reduces Costs
Drones have the ability to provide high-quality images and video footage of vast areas, which means fewer on-site security officers are needed to protect a site or property, ensuring that full security monitoring is provided- for a fraction of the cost.

Improves Situational Awareness
With drones, there can be increased on-site safety by enhancing overview of assets and allowing remote or on-site monitoring using thermal imaging (night vision capabilities).

Keeps Sites More Secure
Our drone pilots can assist by providing random patrols throughout the day and night to deter and identify trespassers, reducing the costs incurred from theft and vandalism.

Facilitates Dilapidation/Asset Management Recording
Drones can capture aerial images of assets from the security drone, both before and after tenancy occupancy. Storage of the footage during this time, will save on paperwork and time.

Assists with Fire Management
With the hot summers in Australia, early notification of oncoming fire fronts in the protection of assets can be difficult. When time is critical, our drones can capture the distance, breadth, path and velocity of the pending fire, quickly and remotely.

Our services

As part of our drone services, Certis Security Australia is the first security company in Australia to provide three different tiers of drones for bespoke security solutions, including:


Tier 1
Tactical Surveillance Specialist (TSS)
Deterrence, Detection, Response, Decision-making by one of our trained specialist that partners with a <2kg drone for immediate flight.

Tier 2
Mobile/Vehicle Mounted Drone
Taking your patrol and response services to another level

Tier 3
Drone In A Box
Autonomous Drone technology, with scheduled and approved runs beyond line of sight.



Certis Security Australia ensures that we will provide the right drone for your specific needs, making drone technology integration seamless. Together we can help your business with drone policies, SOPs, navigate legislation requirements, and ensure that drones become a simple yet integral part of your business.

Certis Security Australia’s drone pilots are fully trained and certified, and ready to fly. Our experienced security guards undergo a thorough, industry-first, three-stage training programme to learn how to pilot drones, adhering to all necessary Australian requirements.


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