Whistleblowing Channel

Whistleblowing Channel

Certis Security Australia is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics when dealing with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. 

Raising questions and concerns reinforces our commitment to act ethically in every business situation. Fearless disclosure of Reportable Conduct, and the early detection of potential issues, also allows Certis Security Australia to address concerns before they become larger problems and to take corrective action if necessary. 

We are committed to maintaining a culture where all of our people are comfortable asking questions, speaking up and working towards solutions.

What Is The Whistleblowing Hotline

The Certis Security Australia Whistleblowing Hotline is an independent channel that allows employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to report any suspected or actual fraud, corruption, illegal acts or unethical practices by employees and personnel of Certis Security Australia, in good faith, for appropriate investigation and action subject to applicable laws. 

The service is managed by FCB Workplace Law – an independent, trusted and secure external legal firm.  

Reportable Conduct 

•    Fraud, bribery or theft
•    Corruption
•    Unlawful or illegal conduct
•    Undisclosed conflict of interest or other unethical behaviour
•    Malpractice or improper behaviour
•    Unsafe work practices
•    Serious breaches of our policies or procedures
•    Misconduct or mismanagement
•    Breach of trust or duty
•    Serious breach of procurement processes or other internal policies
•    Taking detrimental action against a person who has made a protected disclosure

View the full Whistleblowing Policy here for more information.

How To Report

1300 797 337
Hotline operates from 8am – 6pm 
(Monday to Friday)

When disclosing Reportable Conduct, you may be asked for the following information:
•    Name and employee number (if applicable); 
•    Department or Business Unit/Company (if applicable); 
•    Contact number or email address; 
•    Reportable Conduct type and description of matter/incident disclosed; 
•    Date, time and location of matter/incident(s); 
•    Description of the person or people who are alleged to have engaged in the Reportable Conduct; and 
•    Any supporting evidence; emails, texts, correspondence, documents, photos, video/voice recordings, statements.


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