Smart Integrated Platform | Integrated Security System

Smart Integrated Platform | Integrated Security System

Mozart – Smart Integrated Security System for Command Centres

Business leaders around the globe are battling rising costs and labour shortage, while dealing with pressures to digitalise their businesses and create a better guest experience. Understanding the challenges, Certis developed and delivered a unique integrated technology system with security at its core, enhanced by advanced technology that integrates multi-service digital operations in one dynamic package.

With powerful system integration from Mozart, large-scale critical operations involving multiple processes, systems and responses are seamlessly orchestrated for greater situational awareness. By integrating and presenting data from across your operations on a single screen, Mozart gives you real-time access to critical operational information.


What Mozart Delivers

Certis Smart Integrated Platform

Improved CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE through efficient facilities management

  • Offers smart monitoring through employing CCTVs with artificial intelligence, data and video analytics capabilities.
  • Highlights possible areas in need of repair or redesign by utilising predictive and preventive functions for facilities and building maintenance.
  • Analyses customer traffic flow to enable efficient allocation of manpower.


Certis Smart Integrated Platform


  • Leverages our extensive experience and expertise in recruitment and management of unarmed security officers, call centre operators and Human Resource services for your workforce requirements.
  • Reduces manpower needs through harnessing cutting-edge technology such as concierge robots for reception services.


Certis Smart Integrated Platform


  • Our integrated security systems offer secure access control system through leveraging in-built facial recognition technology.
  • Provides accurate identification of employees and tenants through employing biometric security solutions.


Certis Smart Integrated Platform

Better INTEGRATION of all system functions with Mozart, a single, multi-service orchestration platform

  • Ensures timely response by fostering greater synergy between departments through a centralised command and control centre
  • Enables 24/7 monitoring and orchestration of all functions via a single digital platform, thereby reducing manpower requirements and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Optimises resource allocation by employing smart data analytics and real-time operational data.


With Mozart as a core component, Certis Australia delivers integrated operations and processes – from security systems to guest management services and by transforming jobs into multi-functional, cross-functional roles. Working together to provide a holistic and secure system, each part of our integrated system plays an integral role and offers an extensive range of security solutions beyond physical services.

From smart integrated security systems to artificial intelligence analytics, we can seamlessly make your business premises safer, smarter and better. Get in touch with us for a consultation to learn more about what our integrated technology solutions can offer your business.


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