Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

Smart Integrated Solutions for your Facility


The Certis Difference

Today, smart integrated facilities management is the way forward – it helps businesses to maximise productivity, optimise resources and increase cost-savings sustainably, over the long run.

As the economy shifts from traditional industry silos to smart ecosystems, Certis Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) can be your single partner capable of integrating the full suite of FM services centrally through one digital platform.

Our rich heritage in critical operations, proven track record in process re-engineering and the deployment of effective operations technologies has made Certis IFM a trusted partner. This has seen our smart IFM solutions deployed in sensitive government installations, commercial and industrial facilities to help our clients achieve objectives such as cost containment and environmental sustainability.

Read on for more details about the services we offer.

Services We Provide

  • Commercial cleaning for large malls, international banks and more than 1,600 ATMs
  • Residential cleaning for condominiums, and more, islandwide 
  • Transportation cleaning for trains, buses and depots
  • Facade cleaning for schools, malls and government buildings 
  • Disinfection services that comply with Global Biorisk Advisory Council guidelines
  • IoT Sensors
  • Data Analytics on an Integrated Digital Platform
  • Pre-emptive Maintenance
  • Waste and Recycling Management 
  • Utility and Energy Management
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Services
  • ELV Systems
  • Building and Structural Works
  • ACMV Maintenance 
  • Landscape and Horticulture
  • Tenancy Management
  • Pest Control
  • Office Support (e.g. Concierge, Tea Lady, Handyman, Call Centre) 
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Workplace Technology 
  • Occupancy Management
  • Workplace Experience
  • Workplace Sustainability

Why Certis?

Integrated Overview

Gain holistic real time overview of multi-site facilities through a single dashboard synced through a network of sensors.

Dynamic Shift in Workforce

Hybrid job roles increase per manpower productivity. Security officers can see and report facility faults. FM staff are trained to report any suspicious activities and threats.


Cost Containment

Lesser manpower required as workflows become digitalised. Increased efficiency reduces costs in the long run.

Deep Operational Insights

Enhanced expertise and capabilities in FM leveraging Certis’ rich history and experience in ops-tech solutioning.

A Testament to Our Capabilities

ESGBusiness Awards 2023

ESGBusiness Awards 2023

The award recognises the exceptional efforts and dedication of businesses who are committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and sound governance practices.

  • Winner in Industrial Energy Efficiency: Certis Integrated Facilities Management
Frost and Sullivan 2021 Singapore Facility Management Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

Frost and Sullivan 2021 Singapore Facility Management Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

Awarded for proven leadership position in delivering impactful business outcomes through tech-enabled Integrated Facilities Management solutions.


Certified Facilities Management Company (GoldPlus)

Certified Facilities Management Company (GoldPlus)

Awarded by Singapore International Facilities Management Association (SIFMA) to Certis Integrated Facilities Management for providing extensive facilities management services that exceeds industry standard and quality.

ISO 41001

ISO 41001

ISO 41001 accreditation is a game changer for Facility Management services. This ensures that FM companies deliver demonstrable ‘Best Practice’ FM services throughout client sites.

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