Business Synergies: WIRED For Sustainability

Business Synergies: WIRED For Sustainability

14 November 2023

Business Synergies: WIRED For Sustainability

Businesses are increasingly aware of the choices they make, and the impact these decisions have on communities and the environment.

This is in part driven by changing consumer perspectives towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability calls for products and services to be ethically, socially and environmentally sourced, produced, delivered and disposed of, with a consciousness to limit the negative impact to our environment and communities.

Policy changes, including mandatory Sustainability Reporting by listed companies in many countries, are also forcing companies to take a deeper look at their sustainability efforts. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics have also emerged as pivotal tools to assess companies’ impact and sustainability in more consistent and transparent ways.

What do ESG goals mean to companies? 



A company’s climate policies, the manner of energy use, waste, pollution, and the conservation of natural resources, are key, amongst others.


A company’s relationships with its internal and external stakeholders form the social pillar. Specifically, considerations towards the safety, welfare and development of people associated with the business. 



The manner in which a company manages the business, from accurate accounting through to stakeholder accountability.


The right partner will steer you in the direction of your sustainability goals

ESG goals serve as a compass for companies to leave a positive footprint even as they seek to grow their business. But the push for sustainability is also an opportunity for businesses to work collectively and build collaborative partnerships to bolster their respective ESG efforts, directly and indirectly, as responsible corporate citizens.

At Certis, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond delivering quality outcomes through our solutions, but in making thoughtful decisions to enable that.  

This is anchored by our commitment to Our People, The Environment, Our Community and Our Customers, where we play to our strengths in nurturing our people as we build a safe, inclusive, future-ready workforce. While we are focused on serving our customers' needs, we strive to do so in ethical and compliant ways.




Innovating for Sustainable Operations

Certis’ Operational-Design First approach sets the tone for how we work with clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Through examining all aspects of their existing business operations, effective and tailored solutions can be curated, with sustainability in mind.

The benefits? A solution that is built for maximum operational efficiency. Organisations can gain better understanding of what’s happening on the ground, ‘see’ and make sense of critical information, and benefit from details that help steer decisions. Operators are then empowered to re-organise workflows, automate tasks, deploy manpower more strategically for critical outcomes. As such, response and action times can be enhanced, energy can be utilised more efficiently, all of which ultimately reap long-term benefits as a result of using technology right.


Our People are Our First Priority

Certis recognises our people and celebrates diversity and inclusion, taking pains to ensure equal opportunities for all as part of ongoing efforts in building up a future-ready workforce that enables our people to thrive today and tomorrow. This is complemented by robust workplace safety and health policies that play a critical role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all employees, especially those at the frontlines. 

Specific training priorities include uplifting employees’ digital skills with core capabilities with regular structured training and upgrading, particularly in the areas of Data Analytics, the Digital Workplace and offering opportunities and individual development plans that allow them to grow and develop in and out of the workplace.

As a world-class organisation, Certis continuously strives for the highest standards of excellence in all the markets we operate in, with industrial certifications such as the Bizsafe Organizational Certification (Singapore) and ISO 45001 (Australia and Qatar) exemplifying that.




Governance and Transparency at Certis

Ethics underpin all aspects Certis’ business practises, and this is reflected throughout our organisation, across all ranks and in all facets of our business.

Robust codes of conduct standards, guidelines and policies help our people ensure the highest standards in the course of our business and enable us to manage any possible risks. These include stringent processes that protect Personal Data, and ongoing efforts to strengthen Cyber Security in the face of ever-changing digital threats.


Towards a sustainable future, partner with Certis today

With our people, the environment, our communities, and our customers top of our mind, Certis yearns to extend our positive impact to its partners, both present and prospective. 

At Certis, we go beyond addressing your present needs, but assess partnerships that create a business future where excellence, efficiency and sustainability are the standard. Have your business WIRED by Certis today, and experience how your operations can be a force of good. 



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