Coin Deposit Services

Coin Deposit Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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Appointment booking is required with coins with more than 10kg.

For appointment booking, please contact us at 6856 9834 or via email at

When booking for an appointment, please provide the depositor’s name and contact number. Should you require to enter our loading bay, do provide vehicle registration number, driver’s name(s), courier company’s name (if any) and NRIC/FIN number.

You should proceed to Certis Group, 206 Bedok South Ave 1, Singapore 469334 to deposit your coins upon confirmation. 

You will need to complete and submit MAS Form B (Public) Transaction Form when tendering your coins for deposit.  A copy of the Form B can be provided to you upon request or you may get a copy here.

We advise that coins to be packed and sealed in proper coin bags. Clear indication of denomination and series to be made.

If standard coin bag is required, it can be collected from Certis Group, 206 Bedok South Ave 1, Singapore 469334.  The bags are non-chargeable.

All deposited coins will not be returned once a deposit is lodged. Should there be foreign coins found in the coin bag(s), depositors are to make their own arrangement to collect the foreign coins upon notification.


First Series (All denominations)


Second Series 1-cents & 5-cents coins
Third Series 5-cents coins
Singapore Commemorative / Numismatic coins
Brunei Coins
Second Series (10-cents, 20-cents, 50-cents and $1 coins)

$3.50 per 1,000 pieces
(excluding GST),
$3.82 per 1,000 pieces
(inclusive of GST)

Third Series (10-cents, 20-cents, 50-cents and $1 coins)
From 1 January 2024, the GST rate is revised to 9%.

All payment will be made through electronic bank transfer within 14 business days. As such, it is important to check that the bank account number stated in the form is accurate. It is the depositor’s responsibility to ensure the bank account number provided in the Form B is correct.

Only Singapore legal tender coins and Brunei coins are accepted. Depositors shall not attempt to deposit other foreign coins, notes or other objects.

Numismatic coins refers to coins issued by MAS to commemorate significant events particularly Singapore’s achievement in certain fields. 

Numismatic coins can only be deposited at Certis Group, 206 Bedok South Ave 1, Singapore 469334.

Please refer to this PDF and fill in the highlighted marked portions.

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