Retail Security Solutions

Retail Security Solutions

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Managing your security system can be a challenge. It has to be compliant and enable you to have full visibility over the security network. With Certis Security Australia, our complete range of security services complements your existing retail security protocols and improves operational efficiencies. 

Integrating technology into our platform provides you with accurate, real-time information to enable you to respond to theft and emergencies promptly. Coordinate security efforts with ease as all information gets disseminated from a control room. Our security professionals undergo regular training and development to mitigate risks and manage threats.

We're more than just a security company, we're an extension of your team. Leverage our security experts to assess the risk in your retail store or shopping centres, implement video surveillance, and deploy security guards to protect your premises during critical hours. Ease the strain on manpower when you tap on Certis Security Australia's extensive knowledge of security solutions.

Onboarding with Certis Security Australia is a smooth transition. With minimal impact on your retail operation, we maintain relationships within your business by tailoring our security solution to your needs. Explore our bespoke retail store security system and have confidence in our 24/7 theft prevention and security solution.


Our Retail Security Solutions


COVID-19 Security Solutions

Keep your business, staff, and customers safe with our holistic security service. These professional security services include temperature testing, COVID-19 marshalling, trained social distancing ambassadors plus more. Tailor COVID-19 security solutions to your needs to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and allow you to focus on your core business.

Business Operations Support System (BOSS)

Enjoy greater transparency and complete control over your security solution. At the touch of your fingertips, the BOSS mobile app helps to streamline the rostering process and create incident reports. Tailor it to your security needs – save time when writing reports, managing payroll and more.



We offer comprehensive security monitoring for retail to assure an effective incident response. With a state-of-the-art alarm system, security camera, and trained staff, expect theft and threats to be handled quickly and securely. This ensures the protection and security of your retail business at the highest level.


Compliant Security Support

Certis Security Australia understands the often-complex standards set by the retail industry sector and Australian government bodies. As your security service partner, we ensure that security measures including incident tracking and reporting are carried out quickly and accurately.


Emergency Response

In an emergency, a speedy and comprehensive response is vital for retail. Through regular training, our security officer understands how to navigate the complexity of emergencies by working with stakeholders to deliver the best outcome.


Patrol Management & Static Security Guard

Our mobile patrols and static guards act as a deterrence to potential threats and as a form of assurance by patrolling and monitoring the area. Our retail security staff undergoes an extensive selection process based on aptitude, skill, experience, and professionalism to ensure the best fit for your business.


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