Logistics and Transport Security Solutions

Logistics and Transport Security Solutions

Your trusted partner that goes beyond asset and freight protection

Certis Security Australia Logistics and Transport Services


Your security is our priority. While your customers depend on you to ensure the safe storage and transit of freight, you can trust Certis Security Australia to protect your supply chain and assets. With our full suite of security services and latest technology to choose from, you get to focus on what's important - your clients and business growth.

Protect your business by integrating our robust security services and innovative technology within day-to-day operations. Trained security personnel and advanced technology platforms provide a holistic view of your security landscape. Remote monitoring, security cameras, and mobile patrols form part of our extensive security solutions as we work with your organisation to identify security risks and ensure transport and warehouse security. We tailor our transportation and logistics security solutions to your operational needs to keep your facility and assets safe, day and night.

Certis Security Australia understands the nation’s expansive transport, logistics and maritime network. We recognise the need for agile and cost-efficient solutions that do not compromise on safety. As your trusted security partner, we ensure compliance and operate within the current environment, to help you minimise security risk and disruptions.


Our Logistics and Transport Security Solutions


COVID-19 Security Solutions

We combine our professional and experienced security services with innovative products to provide COVID-19 security solutions to keep your business, customers, and employees safe. Services include temperature testing, COVID-19 marshalling and social distancing ambassadors plus a range of other solutions tailored to transport and logistics providers’ needs. These services can greatly reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and allow you to focus on your core business.


Static guarding

Our logistics and transport security guards respond quickly to irregularities with the use of our innovative technology platform. Static transportation security officers are carefully selected based on their level of experience, professionalism, aptitude, and skill.


Gatehouse Management

As the first point of contact, our security officers serve with a smile. Trained in gatehouse management, we conduct vehicle checks and scan freight on arrival. This ensures controlled access in and out of your facility. As an industry leader in logistics and transport security, we implement stringent gatehouse management protocols to give you greater peace of mind.


Freight Screening Security Solutions

Protect your shipments with logistics solutions that meet the highest security standards. Our qualified freight screening professionals have undergone rigorous training in the detection of dangerous and illicit goods. Our end-to-end security services protect the integrity of your shipments, assets, and brand reputation.


Patrol Management

Through the use of mobile patrols, we provide a strong security presence for your facility, saving you the cost of investing in a full-time security officer. Your assets in transit or on your premises are safe thanks to our mobile personnel. Constant communication with our control room and leveraging our cutting-edge communication system enables prompt reaction to threats.


Compliance Support

Certis Australia is familiar with the guidelines set by Australian governing bodies. As your security partner, we help logistics providers navigate regulations from Regulated Air Freight Agent (RACA), Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), and Chain of Responsibility (COR) Australia for supply chain compliance.


High-Value Freight Escort

The transportation of high-value assets requires special attention to ensure it gets delivered safely and on time. Certis works with logistics providers to tailor logistics and transport security solutions based on their operational needs. This ranges from accessing the transportation security risks to assigning more guards for added protection.


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