Healthcare Security Services

Healthcare Security Services

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Australia's healthcare workers make a significant contribution to this nation and regularly make sacrifices for the good of others. They're often faced with external challenges that hinder their ability to focus on helping patients, such as theft, intruders and various other forms of criminal activity at hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Certis Security Australia is here to help. With our professionalism and expertise in the healthcare industry, we know what's needed for healthcare organisations such as hospitals to operate effectively.

We partner with some of Australia's leading healthcare organisations and healthcare facilities, providing assurance and confidence that all staff and patients are safe. This is done via the strategic deployment of healthcare security personnel including healthcare security officers, mobile security patrols and various other healthcare security services.


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Our Healthcare Solutions


Mobile patrols

Our mobile patrol officers are an effective way to make healthcare organisations’ employees and visitors feel safe and secure. Our hospital security personnel patrol clients’ premises at regular intervals ensuring everything is in order and there are no disturbances. In the event of a disturbance,security officers are trained to manage them quickly and effectively.


Security concierge

Our concierge services are all about generating positive first impressions and providing a central source for security management. Our personnel ensure that from the moment visitors enter our clients’ premises, they’re welcome and safe as well as have someone to speak to should they need assistance.


Static guarding

Our security officers are trained to work with various technologies in order to meet the security needs of our clients. Static hospital security guards provide onsite services (for when you need more than mobile patrol units) and are carefully selected based on their level of experience, professionalism, aptitude and skill as we ensure they possess the ability to effectively manage situations of all kinds.


Patient and employee escorts

Healthcare organisations operate in highly sensitive and pressurised environments with little room for error. Our personnel understand this and work with you to ensure patients and/or staff get to where they need to go quickly and safely, whether it be transporting a patient to another hospital ward or walking employees to their car.


Access control

Ensuring only authorised people enter certain areas is imperative in the healthcare industry, but it’s difficult for healthcare workers to ensure access is only granted to those with permission. Our professionals can take the burden of access control away from healthcare workers as we ensure only authorised personnel enter restricted areas.


Emergency response

The healthcare industry knows the importance of speed in an emergency just as well as any other. Thankfully, we do too. Our hospital security personnel have the expertise and composure to effectively respond to emergencies, ensuring the best possible outcome is always achieved.


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