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Government Security & Security Clearances | Certis Security Australia

Securing Your Premises with the Highest Level of Compliance

Certis Security Australia Government Security Services

Certis Security is Australia’s trusted Security Services supplier to Australia’s highest-profile Government facilities across Australia, at the Federal, State, and local Government level.

At Certis Security Australia, we’ve redefined physical security with integrated security solutions. Agile and scalable, we layer our ops-tech innovations to provide industry-leading technical support to our trained security officers responsible for securing our client facilities, and their staff, visitors, and guests. Certis understands what it takes to operate as a security officer in fast-paced environments, so we focus our recruitment on attracting the industries best to be deployed across our government portfolio.

We directly sponsor and manage the necessary security clearance levels for our government contract deployments, such as the Baseline through Top Secret Positive Vetting clearances. When you partner with Certis Security Australia, you are partnering with the best in the industry – Safer, Smarter, Better.


Our Government Security Services


COVID-19 Security Solutions

Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with temperature testing and social distancing ambassadors. Keep your staff and visitors safe with a security company that delivers beyond safety.


Business Operations Support System (BOSS)

Generate or customise incident reports on the go, record the attendance of security guards, and ensure compliant security support. At Certis Security Australia, such advanced security solutions with technology is seamless and integrated.


Mobile Security Patrols

During important events or the arrival of key government officials, mobile patrols provide added protection as well as flexibility. Deploy during critical periods for a stronger security presence.



Certis Security Australia delivers beyond safety by providing professionals to greet guests and manage visitors. Our trained security team is an extension of your business, providing a pleasant visitor experience.


Live Monitoring

Leverage our ops-tech innovation and easily integrate it within your existing operations – from security cameras to a centralised operations centre for quick response to emergencies.


Crowd Control

With our ops-tech capabilities, we secure the building and the surrounding area by having trained security guards on the ground coupled with innovative technologies for a more streamlined operation.


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