Construction Security Solutions | Certis Security Australia

Construction Security Solutions | Certis Security Australia

Construction Site Security Solutions for a Safe and Secure Work Environment

Construction Security Solutions | Certis Security Australia

Construction site security goes beyond implementing security cameras and monitoring equipment. Hiring compliant and capable people are crucial to ensure onsite safety. Leverage Certis Security Australia’s readily available team for risk assessment management to mitigate risks. Our security experts are industry certified with relevant training and experience. They are capable of managing compliance and potential threats. 

Certis Security Australia is an experienced team and well-equipped with the right training including NV1 Clearances. Our high-quality security guards also go beyond the remit of providing just physical security. Our integrated security services can be tailored to meet your construction priorities including safety, sustainability, and social inclusion. 

Our range of solutions can be scaled based on the operational environment seamlessly, enabling you to spend more time on your priorities. Compliance is a given with our solutions, as our technology management systems streamline intensive processes including incident reporting. Certis Security Australia is a full-service security partner, with solutions that integrate into existing systems and raise the level of compliance and protection at your worksites.


Our Construction Security Service Solutions



Construction Site Security Monitoring

Smart CCTV camera systems complement static guards by remotely monitoring safety at high-risk areas for continued compliance. Have confidence through construction site security cameras that projects are being monitored 24/7 to detect theft, threats, and ensure safety protocols are followed.


Construction Site Security Guards

 & Mobile Patrol

A building construction site is a high-risk area. Our team of expert mobile security guards maintain security measures and provide total visibility over the safety of your construction staff and project.


Compliance Support

Worksites are busy and complicated environments that require effective incident management. Our expert security teams are experienced in incident reporting, management and control, crucial to a compliant construction site.


Access Control

Our skilled team of highly trained professionals maintain access control in your sites seamlessly and swiftly, ensuring construction staff are permitted access to restricted areas, keeping away unwanted attention. Total access control minimises risk in worksites and maintains compliance.


COVID-19 Security Solutions

Ensure safety solutions keep your business, staff and worksites protected with our integrated security service. Our specific measures include temperature testing, COVID-19 marshalling, and trained social distancing ambassadors. Worksites are unique with their own set of challenges. We tailor our construction security services to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infections, allowing you to focus on what matters.


Gatehouse Management

We deliver first-rate service, with our friendly and approachable security guards that provide both an excellent customer experience and security. Expertly trained to deal with vehicle checks and movement of dangerous goods, we ensure continuous, smooth and secure access in and out of the facility. As a leader in construction security, our protocols are in line with regulations to assure peace of mind. 


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