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Wheeling in funds for children in need with Royal Far West

16 April 2024

Wheeling in funds for children in need with Royal Far West

Safety first!

In the latest instalment of our partnership with Royal Far West, we were involved in their largest fundraising event of the year – the 10th annual Ride for Country Kids. 

The three-day event saw us provide three safety vehicles to support 50 experienced cyclists over the course of a 330km ride across rural areas in New South Wales, where $350,000 was raised for disadvantaged children. 

Our vehicles served as rear car protection and as general events vehicles along the route, which ended at Cobargo Primary School, one of the schools supported by Royal Far West's programs, where excited students joined the cyclists for a final lap around the campus. 

The long journey allowed participants to empathise with the difficulties faced by children in regional and remote communities, whose families often finding themselves hundreds of kilometres away from facilities and services that city dwellers commonly take for granted. The opportunity to visit two schools supported by Royal Far West also gave riders an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of how the children and families benefit from Royal Far West's programs.

 “We are so grateful for your much-needed support and can’t wait to have you on board for our ride next year,” said Zoe Pike, Royal Far West’s Events Manager, in appreciation of our team's support. 

Certis Australia is a partner of Royal Far West, a not-for-profit organisation committed to transforming the lives of underprivileged Australian children living in rural areas by giving them access to essential health, behavioural and developmental services.  

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