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Crafting 'Fuzzies' with Royal Far West

20 March 2024

Crafting 'Fuzzies' with Royal Far West

These Fuzzies are ready to help children in their therapy sessions!

Certis Australia is a proud partner of Royal Far West, a non-profit organisation which provides children in remote communities with access to personalised educational resources to help them reach their full potential. Every child has their own set of challenges and needs, and we are committed to helping our partners support those who need it most.

In support of this, a team of our colleagues recently volunteered their time to craft ‘Fuzzies’, a key learning and development tool for children with special education needs. Used in guided sessions with their occupational therapists, the tactile elements of these Fuzzies allow children to more comfortably express themselves through fun. In the process, Fuzzies also help them develop essential motor skills, coordination and social interaction during their therapy sessions. It's amazing to see how such simple items can bring about big strides in a child's progress!

The activity follows an earlier visit to Royal Far West’s office at Sydney’s Manly Beach, where they learnt about the incredible paediatric care and special education services support given to children in remote and rural communities.

Through their programme, Royal Far West connects these children and their families with Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals to better understand and navigate behavioural issues and learning difficulties.


Building Heartfelt Connections

Being able to learn about Royal Far West’s programs and having the opportunity to play an active part in the work they do to improve and enrich children’s lives has been a profound experience for our Certis Australia colleagues.

Here’s what some of them had to share:

“I really enjoyed my time spent at Royal Far West. Learning about their cause and drive was uplifting, and I could really see how passionate and committed the wonderful people we met were. Royal Far West make a difference to so many children and their family's lives. Their mission is inspiring and commendable.”

Katie Bennetts, National Operations Centre Administrator


“Working with the Royal Far West Foundation was a transformative experience for both my personal and professional growth. Arriving onsite, the Royal Far West team were extremely passionate and welcoming, showing their love and belief for what they did.

Despite not winning the Fuzzy making competition, visiting Royal Far West and understanding how they support children who live in rural and remote communities, connecting them with care they need, but cannot access due to their location, is a highlight of working for Certis.

Seeing Certis support Australia charities that service underprivileged children is one of the many reasons I am proud to work for Certis Australia.”

Tim Mills, Business Development Manager


“I am glad that I joined the Certis team of volunteers at Royal Far West. We had so much fun creating and designing our fuzzy balls, but more importantly, we know how important it is to be able to give something and contribute to the wellness of children who will use these balls to improve their skills.

Personally, this opportunity reminded me that no matter how small our contribution is, we can always make a difference in other people's lives. Just borrowing this quote from Howard Zinn – ‘Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.’

Maria Senorin, Technical Business Analyst


“My recent visit to Royal Far West was incredibly insightful. I was struck by the comprehensive range of services they provide to rural children. From healthcare to education support, their work fills important gaps in medical services not otherwise available in remote towns. Seeing their dedication first-hand reinforced the importance of their mission. It's clear that Royal Far West is a vital resource for many, offering practical and early assistance that can make a real difference in people's lives.”

Raj Prasad, Senior Solution Architect


We're grateful to our partners at Royal Far West for the incredible work they do, and we look forward to continuing to create a positive impact on the next generation.

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