Harmonising Protection – The Symphony of Mozart's Integrated Security  

Harmonising Protection – The Symphony of Mozart's Integrated Security  

04 September 2023


Improving and tracking efficiency in business operations can be a tough and expensive initiative. It is a combined effort that calls on a combination of manpower, technology and expertise to optimise processes.

In 2023, business leaders around the globe are battling rising costs and labour shortages while dealing with pressures to digitalise their businesses to create better guest experiences.  

To help our customers overcome these challenges, Certis is moving beyond traditional security functions, developing integrated security solutions that help ensure our customers’ operations run smoothly and costs are kept to a minimum. Enabling this, is Mozart, our award-winning solution that uses automation and analytics to ensure that every function – ranging from security operations to facilities management and even guest management – can be coordinated, synchronised, reviewed and managed with precision and finesse through a single centralised command centre, comparable to that of an orchestra’s conductor during a concert. 

The key objective is to achieve operational efficiency and create value for businesses by integrating operations and processes – from streamlining operational processes to enhancing outcomes. By applying Mozart, organisations can gain an in depth understanding of customer needs.

How does Mozart work?

With Mozart, large-scale critical operations involving multiple processes, systems and responses are seamlessly orchestrated for greater situational awareness. By integrating and presenting data from across operations on a single screen, Mozart gives you real-time access to critical operational information. An example of this is Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, which leverages Mozart to oversee not just security but also its expansive facilities management and customer service needs.

What are the advantages?

Mozart has been designed to be compatible with the needs of many large-scale operations in different industries, including Government, Defence, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and more.  

But let’s take a look at airports. Like most large-scale operations, they are faced with numerous daily challenges where there is no margin for error, with safety, logistics, and compliance all key priorities. Standards must be met, and airport security deal with daily events from crowd control and accidents to carpark congestion and fire alarms, just to name a few. It is important that any events are responded to in an effective and efficient manner for the security of the business, and the safety of its customers. 

In order to improve processes, it’s vital that airport security teams have access to real time monitoring and data. This is needed to determine and adjust how they respond to a number of incidents, including passenger volume and flow. Mozart can pass on information about passengers in a particular area of an airport, which determines precisely how many female or male security staff members need to be available for screening procedures. Staffing issues such as too few agents in a screening lane can cause delays, bottlenecks, and frustration for travellers. Being alerted to these issues, either before or as they happen, is the only way to ensure compliance and the delivery of quality service for customers. 

Acting like a third eye, Mozart can help to determine how critical an event is, and what type of action is needed, relaying information and alerts to guards on site for immediate response. Argus, the app that connects Mozart to guards’ mobile devices, contains enhanced mobility features to enable real-time situational awareness of field operations, improving efficiency and productivity on ground. This can be particularly effective in streamlining operations and can contribute to the safety and security of customers, businesses and facilities. For example, if a patient in a healthcare facility has fallen and needs urgent medical attention, you need to know quickly and accurately where help is needed.

By connecting to an operation’s existing surveillance, Mozart leverages data analytics capabilities. One of the many applications of this is the recognition of physical attributes of people captured on camera. This can help to locate missing people, such as the elderly, or children in a shopping centre by conducting a video search based on the colour and type of the clothes worn.

One of the most important aspects of Mozart is its ability to store data captured by edge devices around any facility, helping with overall facility management. Not only are security records vital for investigation of incidents and performance criteria, but they also help to build a comprehensive history of security. Critical event monitoring and human resource compliance depend on accurate records of every login, shift change or attempted checkpoint breach.

Mozart has been designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, strengthen security, mitigate error, capture insights and deliver outstanding customer experience. For some clients, using this automated technology has resulted in a 66% improvement in response time to incidents and 20% reduction in manpower requirements. 

How can Certis help your organisation?

Having a partner that offers Integrated security systems, which are linked to other products and systems that your business currently has, ensures critical operations run smoothly so that the business can focus on their mission, and other challenges.

For more than 60 years, Certis has partnered with some of the largest organisations across the Asia Pacific region, within industries such as healthcare, logistics and transportation, commercial property, retail, maritime, aviation, government, and more, to providing a combination of physical security, operations management, and customer services. 

Certis delivers operational first designs. We consult with our clients to understand their needs and curate bespoke solutions. In partnership with our customers, Certis Australia designs, builds, and operates bespoke ops-tech solutions for a wide range of business needs. Our point of difference lies in our ability to combine services into one seamless, integrated solution; and all with in-house capabilities.

We understand the unique set of challenges that comes with managing large facilities, and that with numerous moving parts, from personnel and resources to processes and systems, the risk of miscommunication, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies escalate. Coordinating and aligning these components is a complex task, even more so when an organisation expands.  This increases the demand for even greater precision and dedicated oversight to ensure that operations are seamless, and the business processes are in line with a web of regulations, industry standards, and legal requirements. 

To find out more about Mozart and how it can help your business, contact us here. 


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