Empowering Our Security Force

Empowering Our Security Force

Integrating Security and Technology for a Safer World

12 June 2020

From delivering mission-critical security operations, protecting sensitive key installations, securing major retail malls, healthcare institutions and transport hubs, the Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force has been an integral part of physical security in Singapore.

In October 2018, the company transformed itself into an advanced integrated security services provider, to deliver multi-disciplinary security solutions. 

Over a year ago, Certis auxiliary police officers and operational staff were introduced to Argus, an advanced command-and-control platform developed by Certis in keeping Singapore safe and secure. Currently, about 6,000 officers are trained to use Argus across different locations in Singapore.

Argus contains enhanced mobility features to enable real-time situational awareness of our field operations. It operates as an application in the officers’ smartphone devices, and enables them to be more efficient and productive by harnessing technology in their operations.

With intelligent features such as facial recognition for authentication and seamless situational reporting, Argus also enhances the user experience for our security officers by ensuring that they carry out their duties effectively to meet customers’ needs. Through digitalisation, Argus is able to provide deep insights into operations where we can detect potential lapses and take timely remedial action.

Today, Argus has been successfully deployed to our security officers at our customers’ premises including key transport hubs, major shopping malls and government complexes.

As security threats grow and become more diverse, the Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force remains committed to keeping Singapore safe and secure.

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