From Surveillance to Action: How Drones are Changing the Security Game

From Surveillance to Action: How Drones are Changing the Security Game

24 May 2023

Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, have transformative potential with multiple applications in many industries. 


According to a report by Research and Markets, the global market for drone technology is expected to reach over $54.7 billion by 2027. The benefits of drones in security are numerous, including faster response times, improved situational awareness, and enhanced surveillance capabilities.  

Drones come in various sizes, with benchmarks ranging from under 2 kilograms to 7 kilograms and more. However, the bigger and more feature-laden the drone becomes, the greater the regulatory rigour surrounding their usage. 

Naturally, the larger the drone, the more they can offer. Larger enterprise-grade drones commonly pack in features such as high-quality video, thermal-sensing capabilities, night vision, the ability to function as eyes in the sky for aerial surveillance in search and rescue operations, automated schedule protocols, and the ability to map routes and detect anomalies. Such drones can operate in most weather conditions and are fully automatic. 


Revolutionising Security Operations 

One particular use-case for drones is their ability to transform security operations by providing businesses with unparalleled surveillance capabilities and situational awareness.  

For example, with the ability to fly over large areas and access hard-to-reach locations, drones provide a unique perspective that enhances our understanding of the situation or even status of the location. Examples include the size of a crowd, the flow of a waterway, or if there’s any wear and tear on to a building’s roof after rough weather.  They can capture details that might be missed by conventional security measures, such as physical barriers or blind spots. This enables security teams to make more informed decisions and respond proactively to potential security breaches or operational issues before they escalate. 


For operations with large open sites, drones can cover more ground in less time and provide an efficient and cost-effective way to secure premises.  

When equipped with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging sensors, drones provide real-time visual information to security personnel and help detect and prevent potential security breaches. 

Here are some specific reasons why businesses should consider adopting drones for a security purpose: 

  • Enhanced Surveillance  

Drones can be equipped with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging sensors, providing businesses with real-time visual information on their premises and surroundings. This can enhance surveillance capabilities and provide businesses with a better understanding of their security risks and vulnerabilities. Plus, video footage can be recorded and stored during automatic patrols for compliance and confirmation. 

  • Faster Response Times  

Drones can be deployed quickly to provide immediate support in an emergency or security breach. This can help businesses respond faster to threats and minimise the impact of a security incident. 

  • Improved Situational Awareness

Drones can give businesses a bird's eye view of their premises and surroundings, enabling them to detect the build-up of situations, such as crowd formation, and allow officers on the ground to pre-emptively address potential security threats. 

  • Enhanced Safety and Surveillance at Height 

Drones excel in complementing traditional physical guarding services by efficiently conducting surveillance work at elevated locations, such as rooftops. They are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that provide a bird's eye view, allowing for thorough monitoring and detection of potential security risks. By deploying drones, businesses can enhance safety measures, reduce risks for guards, and ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage, even in challenging and hard-to-reach areas. 

  • Cost-Effective  

Unlike traditional security measures, drones can provide a more cost-effective way of securing large areas and critical infrastructure. They require fewer personnel to operate and can cover more ground in less time compared to security guards. 


The Future of Drone Technology  

As technology continues to advance rapidly, the drone industry is poised to keep growing and expanding in the future. With new sensors and data processing techniques, drones are becoming more sophisticated and capable of performing a wider range of tasks. 

Autonomous flight is one area where drones are expected to grow and significantly impact the future drone environment. By utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, drones can be programmed to fly themselves and perform tasks without human intervention. This could have major implications for the security industry, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective surveillance and response operations. 

Another trend in drone technology is the increasing emphasis on connectivity. Drones have taken advantage of communication technologies, such as 5G, allowing them to transmit data to security personnel and receive commands in real time. This makes them more effective for security operations, as it allows them to quickly respond to threats and relay information to security personnel. 

The regulatory environment surrounding drone technology is evolving, with governments and industry bodies working to establish clear guidelines and standards for drone usage. This will enable more widespread adoption of drones in security operations, as businesses and organisations will have a clearer understanding of what is permissible and how they can operate drones safely and legally. 

Drone as a Service (DaaS) allows for the use of drones as a security service, with a small upfront fee covering feasibility studies, navigating regulatory approvals, and obtaining all necessary licenses. Once the regulatory requirements have been met, businesses can access drone technology and deploy resources to enhance their security measures.  


Leveraging drones for your business 


As the drone industry continues to grow, Certis has the experience and commitment to compliance and professionalism to support businesses in adopting drone technology for their security measures. 

With years of experience in the security industry, our team is well-equipped to offer a range of drone services to enhance security measures for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our operational design-first thinking approach allows us to cater our solutions to the specific needs of our customers. This approach ensures that we take the time to understand your business and provide tailored solutions that meet your unique security needs. 

We recommend starting small and getting comfortable with the technology before moving to larger drones. Regardless of the size, we work closely with our customers to assist them in gaining the necessary certifications and regulatory approvals to operate drones safely and effectively. Our team of trained operators have comprehensive experience, skills and necessary licences to operate drones safely while complying with all regulations Backed by the Institute of Drone Technology, we are committed to journeying with our customers and delivering innovative, bespoke, end-to-end solutions that enhance security and protection. 

Our market leading DaaS solution allows businesses to use the latest drone technology without significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. It removes the risk from damage and accidents while offering the benefits of professional expertise and support throughout the entire deployment process. 

As the technology continues to evolve, drones will play an increasingly important role in the security landscape. Our expertise and operational design-first thinking will see us help clients harness the potential of drones in a manner that suits their business. From the management of a critical infrastructural facility to an expansive site with open land, speak to us about how our solutions can help you achieve safety and security today.  

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