Evolution of Certis Security Australia

Evolution of Certis Security Australia

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Our Evolution

At Certis Security Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate problems and provide innovative solutions across a wide range of security services, recognising that one size does not fit all. Much like Australia itself, Certis Security Australia is a unique blend of people, cultures and expertise that make us who we are today. Our combined local and global experience goes back for almost 100 years, and we are proud to reflect our history in our modern approach.

Backed by over 60 years of rich history in physical security and patented innovation in Singapore, Certis has grown from a security guard and escort unit to become a leading integrated security services provider for businesses around the globe. Integrating technology with our security services, Certis anticipates problems and provides innovative solutions tailored to any industry.


Local Roots

In 2016, Certis acquired the Australian heritage company BRI Security, followed by SNP Security in 2018. SNP’s legacy was part of the Australian security history since 1890, when SNP founder John Roche arrived in Australia. He worked as a highly regarded superintendent in the NSW police force before leaving in 1923 to start a security business with his son, Tom.

Since 1923, generations of the Roche family have grown SNP’s security capabilities and expanded the business across Australia. For almost 100 years, SNP gathered unparalleled security expertise in industries including aviation, transport, logistics, critical infrastructure and commercial precincts. Many of the partnerships established are still successful today.

Certis’ acquisition of SNP and BRI was the next evolution in this Australian success story. Both SNP and BRI security brought knowledge of local customs and partnerships to the Certis brand. With security expertise across various industries that have been fostered over many years of dedicated service, Certis is now renowned as a trusted integrated security services provider for businesses around the globe, including Australia.


About Certis


Certis Today

Our clients today value our multi-disciplinary approach and our ability to carry all solutions from conception to completion. To ensure all our clients receive a bespoke security service, we design, build, and operate programs that are specific to each organisation. We bring decades of experience in physical security, from guarding to mobile patrols.

In addition, we guarantee our clients are always ahead of the curve by consistently developing integrated security and operations technology solutions such as CCTVs and Drones, Data Analytics, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. By continually re-evaluating our approach and options, we can offer our customers a one-stop-shop for all integrated security and operations technology solutions, ensuring we live up to our customers' security and operations requirements.

At Certis Security Australia, we believe that technology and traditional operations must work together, rather than independently, so that all security systems support each other to deliver the best outcomes. This also helps to reduce customer costs and create a seamless transition between programs.  

For almost 100 years, Certis has gathered unparalleled security expertise providing integrated security solutions in industries including aviation, transport, logistics, healthcare, government, critical infrastructure and commercial property and precincts. Many of the partnerships established in those first years are still successful today.





Certis Security Australia is headquartered in Sydney, with state and regional offices across the country in Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Global Certis is headquartered in Singapore, with an international presence that extends to Hong Kong, Macau, and Qatar.

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Our Mission

As trusted partners, we protect lives and assets and deliver integrated critical services.

Our Vision

To be the most advanced integrated security services partner globally, making our world safer, smarter and better by everything we do.

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In a high-stake environment, ensure the safety of staff and patients as well as the efficient operation of the hospital with our trained security team.

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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Secure the supply chain and protect your freight by leaning on our security experts for the safe storage and transit of your assets.

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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Secure and protect your property with our in-house security services and ops-tech capabilities for seamless integration into your team to mitigate security risks.

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Australian Certifications

At Certis Security Australia, we believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and our refreshed WHS Strategy reinforces our commitment to a strong safety culture.


We not partner only with the best technology providers, but also with companies that innovate via design and influence others through industry involvement.

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