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Frequently Asked Questions

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Certis OK! is a non-intrusive, affordable elderly home monitoring solution with no upfront installation fees that ensures 24/7 swift and reliable support. The use of an artificial intelligence (AI) system and support services from Certis Healthcare provides timely attention to an elderly when needed.

No. Certis OK! uses artificial intelligence (AI) to run its entire system and does not use CCTVs in the setup to protect the privacy of an elderly.

No, there is no minimum space required for the installation of Certis OK! Our team will assess the home layout and propose a suitable package.

Our healthcare responder will arrive in 90 minutes for non-emergencies. For emergencies our call agents will contact the SCDF.

Certis OK! comes with an internal data card and there is no requirement to connect to home wifi or phone line.

No, Certis OK! is able to detect and differentiate movements between pets and humans. Thus, pets will not cause any interference to the system.

A fee of $60* will be charged should a healthcare responder be dispatched.

*Additional charges may apply to case by case situations.

Subscription, Renewal & Termination

A next of kin minimum age of 21 years may subscribe on behalf of an elderly.

You can contact us at 6268 3133, should you wish to sign up or enquire more for the service. Alternatively, you may email us at

Our healthcare team will arrange for a home visit to assess the home layout and install Certis OK!

Cash and cheque payments are accepted.

Yes, the subscription may be terminated anytime. However, there will be no refund of subscription charges for any balance unutilised periods.

Installation & Maintenance

No. The installation of Certis OK! will be done by our trained staff who will also perform a system test.

The installation usually takes about half an hour to complete.

Yes, regular physical inspections will be arranged to be conducted every 6 months at no charges. Certis healthcare 24/7 contact center constantly monitors the system for any system errors.

Yes, batteries are required for the door, motions sensors and panic button. However, the gateway needs to be connected to a power point.

Certis will replace new batteries every year or when batteries are flat at no charges.

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