Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box

Frequently Asked Questions

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As every request is unique, please call our Customer Service Officers at:

Tel: +65 6555 5000

Fax: +65 6744 0039


The minimum subscription period is 1 year and it is auto-renewed every contractual year.

Yes, the contract is based on your initial duration requirement and thereafter, will be based on an annual contract.

We do not insure your items on your behalf. Please consult your insurance provider if you wish to obtain insurance coverage for your item(s).

Paying via GIRO scheme means that there is an auto-deduction from your designated bank account every contractual year.

Paying via Non-GIRO will mean that you have to make payment for an annual renewal subscription via over-the-counter, Internet Banking or Telegraphic Transfer.  Any administrative fee will be borne by the customer.

All correspondence will be sent via post to the registered mailing address of the 1st licensee.

All invoices will be sent to the 1st licensee’s registered mailing address unless you have opted for an e-invoice during your registration. Should you wish to receive your invoice via email, please do drop us an email at

All failed GIRO application will be sent via post together with a new GIRO Application Form to the 1st licensee’s registered mailing address within 2 months from the date of application.

We only accept NRIC for Singaporeans/Singapore PRs and Passport for Foreigners.

You will be allowed a maximum of 1 alteration on the same day of the choice location service. For any further alterations, you will be required to pay an additional of SGD39.

Please note that due to high occupancy rate, we may not be able to locate a suitable height but we will ensure that your box will be the closest to your desired location.  Please note that there is no refund of this service once payment is made.

Registration and Renewal

Any person aged 21 years and above can register for a safe deposit box.

Mandatee must be 13 years old and above.

Visit your preferred Certis Safe Deposit Box facility (Refer to the locations of our facilities HERE) personally with the following original documents:

For Personal Safe Deposit Box Registration

  1. Original copy of Singapore NRIC for Singaporeans & Singapore PRs and Passport for Foreigners
  2. GIRO Application Form, download form HERE (All renewal subscription will be deducted via the designated bank account provided)
  3. Refundable key deposit of $200

For Corporate Safe Deposit Box Registration, only authorised personnel by the company can proceed down with the below documents to register:

  1. A certified true copy of Singapore NRIC for Singaporeans & Singapore PRs and Passport for Foreigners for applicants except the Original copy for main applicant
  2. GIRO Application Form, download form HERE (All renewal subscription will be deducted via the designated bank account provided)
  3. Certified Copy of Resolution. Download form HERE
  4. Certificate of Incorporation (BRN)
  5. Memorandum and Article of Association (Optional)
  6. Refundable key deposit of $200

It is recommended to contact our Customer Service Officer at 6555 5000 to check on box availability at your preferred location before heading down to our branches.

Contract renewal is hassle-free, all safe deposit box contracts are auto-renewed annually.

You will receive a tax invoice 2 working weeks before your contract due date to inform on the upcoming renewal via post or email, depending on the option that you have opted for.

Administrative Rights

Licensees have access rights as well as administrative rights (Eg, Amendments to mandatees etc) to the safe deposit box. Mandatees only have access rights and do NOT have administrative rights. 

Administrative rights are accorded to licensees for safe deposit box services/activities performed over the counter. Hence, mandatees are not required to be present for all such services EXCEPT when adding in of new mandatee, the new mandatee have to be present.

Licensees have administrative rights for the list of services/activities below for their safe deposit box EXCEPT for those that are marked with * which does NOT require ALL licensee(s) to be present:

  1. Registration of safe deposit box
  2. Addition of licensee or mandatee
  3. Deletion of licensee or mandatee
  4. Amend of licensee or mandatee
  5. Change of lock resulting from loss of 2 keys
  6. Change of lock resulting from loss of 1 key*
  7. Change of box location within branch*
  8. Conversion to Golden Number box*
  9. Upgrading or downgrading of box size*
  10. Termination of contract*

Personal Account
Corporate Account

Up to 4 licensees (first 2 complimentary^)

(aged 21 years old and above)

Up to 8 licensees (first 6 complimentary^)

(aged 21 years old and above)

Up to 4 mandatees

(aged 13 years old and above)

Up to 8 mandatees

(aged 13 years old and above)

^Complimentary upon registration. Customers may choose to add the complimentary licensee(s)/mandatee(s) at a later date. Subsequent addition/amendments can be done at any of our facilities and will be chargeable at $75 per change. All existing and new licensee(s) and mandatee(s) will have to be present with their personal identification documents for any amendment or addition of licensees.

Registering of licensee/mandatee requires ALL existing licensee(s) & new licensee/mandatee to be present, along with their identification documents.

There is no limit on how many times you can amend. However, please refer to Qn 18 to see the number of licensee/mandatee that can be added into the contract.

All box access requires your identification document to be presented for authentication purpose.

Singaporeans/Permanent Residents
  • NRIC
  • Singapore Passport
  • Singapore Driving Licence
  • 11B (Full-time National Servicemen)
  • Student Concession Card (Applies to mandatees between 13 – 15 years old)
  • Senior Citizen Concession Card (Applicable for 60 years and above)
  • Passport                                                                                                    

Our officers will verify and authenticate your identity before allowing you to enter our secured area. All details will be matched in accordance to what was registered, and access will be denied should any details not match


To ensure the security of your safe deposit box, only registered licensee(s) and mandatee(s) will be allowed to access your safe deposit box.

Transference of Safe Deposit Box

Yes. All upgrade of box sizes are complimentary. Any downgrade of box sizes will be subjected to an administrative fee of $75 per downgrade. At least one of the registered licensee(s) needs to be present for any upgrading/downgrading with both working safe deposit box keys.

Yes you can, but the content(s) inside the box will not be transported by Certis. For more information, kindly call our customer service hotline at 6555 5000.  Please note that additional charges may apply.

Transferring of contract to another person is not allowed.

Loss of Key(s)

Notify us immediately at 6555 5000. To safeguard your box, we will arrange for the entire lock set to be replaced. Our Customer Service Officer will advise you on lock set replacement procedures. A replacement fee of $200 is chargeable.

Notify us immediately at 6555 5000 or email us at  We will contact you to make an appointment for your box to be forced open by Certis approved locksmith in presence of all licensee(s). The process takes approximately an hour. Replacement of lock set and locksmith fee of $300 is chargeable. Locksmith appointments must be made in person at the designated branch, you may download and complete the Locksmith Appointment Application Form HERE before heading down to the branch.

Safety & Security

Certis Safe Deposit Boxes are made from materials that are resistant to fire and heat. In addition, all our facilities are equipped with a fire alarm and sprinkler system that is monitored 24 hours daily. 

Certis has maintained an excellent track record of zero incidents. All our Safe Deposit Box facilities are equipped with sophisticated alarms, lock systems, surveillance cameras, motion sensors and other security devices to ensure the security and safety of the boxes and your property. In addition, Certis Safe Deposit Box facilities are guarded by trained and armed Auxiliary Police Officers enforcing stringent screening and authentication procedures.

Termination of Contract

Annual subscription charges are paid at the start of the contractual period. There will not be any refund for early termination before the end of the contractual period.

Kindly contact our customer service hotline at 6555 5000 or email us at for more information.

The following actions need to be done to successfully terminate your contract:

  • Bring along your identification document (NRIC for Singaporeans / Singapore PRs & Passport for Foreigners)
  • Outstanding rental needs to be made
  • 02 SDB keys will need to be tested & returned
  • Emptying of your safe deposit box
  • Witnessing that your safe deposit box is emptied
  • Acknowledging on the Surrender Form

*Licensee(s): The registered customer(s) who has access AND full administrative rights to the safe deposit box.
**Mandatee(s): The person(s) authorised by the licensee(s) to have access to the safe deposit box ONLY.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Certis offers three conveniently located facilities with over 53,000 safe deposit boxes and a choice of five sizes to suit your needs. Open 365 days a year, up to 10 hours a day, you can gain access to your boxes at your convenience. Every facility is also secured with security measures of the highest standards. Guarded by armed Auxiliary Police Officers and coupled with stringent access processes, you can rest assured that your items will be safely secured with Certis.

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