Retail Properties: Security Solutions

Retail Properties: Security Solutions

Trusted and Integrated Retail Solutions

Trusted Security Services Partner

Certis caters to the diverse requirements across your multiple retail properties and provides integrated security solutions to protect your assets and your customers.

We provide accurate and integrated real-time information for total command and control, and deliver world-class customer service on the retail floor for a holistic and safe customer experience.

Our Retail Security Solutions


24/7 Proactive Security



Integrated Facilities Management



Guest & Concierge Services 



Cash Management Services



Robotic Solutions


Intelligent Analytics & Surveillance Solutions



Cleaning & Maintenance 






Call Centre Operations




Streamline Retail Security Operations with Security+

Digitalising your operations and improving patient experience can be a daunting task. Developed by Certis, Security+ is designed specifically to raise efficiency and productivity throughout your facility, while addressing your concerns.


Advanced Security

Guest Services

Integrated Facilities Management


With security and technology as its pillars, this large multi-functional workforce integrates and orchestrates multiservice digital operations, comprising critical, non-core services.

From solution design to delivery, we adhere to our principle of Operational-Design First. We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique needs and create solutions infused with new technologies and enhanced processes to deliver your desired outcomes.


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