Properties Sector: Security Solutions

Properties Sector: Security Solutions

Enabling Smarter Retail, Commercial and Industrial Properties

Complex Challenges Facing Every Property

The digital age poses unique problems for properties across the globe:

  • Increasing expectations from consumers for holistic experiences
  • Rising competition from e-commerce platforms
  • Increasing operational costs amidst tigher labour markets


Enhancing operational efficiency means digitalising your operations.

However, it can be challenging to select the right technology and improve non-core functions, such as facilities management, cleaning and security, to boost customer experience.




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Conquering Challenges of the Digital Age

At Certis, our bespoke, holistic packages are designed to address your diverse property challenges.

Whether you operate a leading retail mall chain, a commercial building cluster or a large industrial precinct, we work closely with you − employing design thinking to streamline and re-engineer processes. 

This results in:

  • Technology-enabled solutions to safeguard your property
  • Integrated 24/7 advanced security, integrated facilities management and guest services
  • Cost savings and productivity throughout your operations




Greater Operational Effectiveness and Cost Efficiency

Globally, the commercial property sector faces a lack of communication and integration between their internal departments and across the buildings they own.

By harnessing leading-edge technology, we deliver holistic, design-for purpose solutions that will drive customer experience, lower costs and secure your desired outcomes. 



Increased cost effectiveness

  • Leverages our extensive experience and expertise in recruitment and management of unarmed security officers, call centre operators and human resource services for your workforce requirements
  • Reduces manpower needs through harnessing cutting-edge technology such as concierge robots for reception services

Enhanced buiilding security 

  • Offers secure access control system through leveraging in-built facial recognition technology
  • Provides accurate identification of employees and tenants through employing biometric identity solutions

Integration of all functions / operations with Mozart - a single, multi-service orchestration platform

  • Ensures timely response by fostering greater synergy between departments through a centralised command and control centre
  • Enables 24/7 monitoring and orchestration of all functions via a single digital platform, thereby reducing manpower requirements and enhancing operational efficiency
  • Optimises resource allocation by employing smart data analytics and real-time operational data

Improved customer and tenant experience through efficient facilities management 

  • Offers smart monitoring through employing CCTVs with artificial intelligence, data and video analytics capabilities
  • Highlights possible areas in need of repair or redesign by utilising predictive and preventive functions for facilities and building maintenance
  • Analyses customer traffic flow to enable efficient allocation of manpower


Bridge Operational Gaps with Security+

Security+ is a Certis creation that drives efficiency and productivity, while meeting your specific property needs and enhancing tenant and visitor experience. Centred on security and technology, this large multi-functional workforce integrates and orchestrates multi-service digital operations, comprising critical, non-core services.



Advanced Security

Guest Services

Integrated Facilities Management


Our principle of Operational-Design First lies at the heart of everything we do. We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique requirements, and then designing technology-driven solutions and streamlining processes to deliver results.


Gain the Leading Edge in an Increasingly Competitive Environment

All our solutions are supported by Mozart which orchestrates and integrates your operations to deliver efficiency and peace of mind throughout your development:


  • Human Resources
  • Call Centre Operations
  • 24/7 Proactive Security
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • Guest & Concierge Services
  • Intelligent Analytics & Surveillance Solutions
  • Robotic Solutions
  • Building & Facilities Management



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