Healthcare Sector: Security Solutions

Healthcare Sector: Security Solutions

Powering Efficient and Smarter Hospitals

Mounting Healthcare Challenges

Across the globe, the medical industry faces increasing pressures and problems:

  • Rapidly aging populations
  • Dwindling healthcare workforce
  • Growing administrative tasks that distract your healthcare professionals from patient care
  • Evaluating and selecting the right technology to improve patient outcomes and managing costs


How healthcare providers handle these challenges will impact their ability to deliver quality patient experiences and operational efficiency. It is thus vital to rethink and redesign existing business operating processes to future-proof your healthcare organisation and meet tomorrow’s service demands.



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Advancing Patient Care with a Trusted and Proven Partner

At Certis, we tap our vast experience and resources to design, build and operate integrated ops-tech solutions that help you reduce your workload on non-core services. 

  • Over 60 years of operational experience
  • Strong physical security heritage
  • Deep market insights
  • In-house expertise in integrating systems


From front-of-house operations to facilities and visitor management, our services are powered by advanced technology and in-house patented systems that allow you to focus on what you do best – providing your patients with quality healthcare.


Greater Operational Effectiveness and Cost Efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a manpower crunch in healthcare on top of rising operational costs. In addition, the digital age means your institution is responsible for shielding patient data from cyber attacks, while your people need to make sense of data to drive clinical decision making and care management.

With Certis, you are assured of solutions that meet the specific needs of your facility and deliver results.


Greater cost effectiveness and efficiency

  • Process reengineering streamlines standard operating procedures for overlapping areas among different groups within your organisation

Enhanced security operations and manpower management

  • Generates a digital twin to create a smart building that can lower the costs of operating the physical facility, reduce energy consumption and optimise resources
  • Provides real-time situational awareness with the Integrated Command Centre for timely response
  • Consolidates big data with our secure-by-design Mozart platform
  • Ensures 24/7 central control of all services

Integration of all functions / operations with Mozart - a single, multi-service orchestration platform

  • Analyses video content to provide post analytics and prediction statistics for better traceability, labour force management and patient satisfaction
  • Harnesses robots to enable automation and optimise manpower resources

Improved patient experience and care with efficient facilities management and advanced technology

  • Offers a single point of contact to manage vendors for all non-core services, reducing time and effort in managing multiple agents


Streamline Hospital Support Operations with Security+

Digitalising your operations and improving patient experience can be a daunting task. Developed by Certis, Security+ is designed specifically to raise efficiency and productivity throughout your facility, while addressing your concerns.


Advanced Security

Guest Services

Integrated Facilities Management


With security and technology as its pillars, this large multi-functional workforce integrates and orchestrates multiservice digital operations, comprising critical, non-core services.

From solution design to delivery, we adhere to our principle of Operational-Design First. We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique needs and create solutions infused with new technologies and enhanced processes to deliver your desired outcomes.


Improve Patient Experience with an Integrated Concept of Operations

Our customised solutions cover all labour-intensive, non-core yet critical ancillary services within your healthcare facility, allowing you to focus on your core services:


  • Integrated Quarantine Order Services
  • Inspection & Regulatory Services
  • 24/7 Proactive Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics Management
  • Contact Centre Operations
  • Food Services
  • Dispensary Services
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Robotic Solutions
  • Patient Services
  • Guest & Concierge Services
  • Portering
  • Facilities management
  • Health Programme Management
  • Horticulture
  • Linen Services



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