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12 September 2022

Unlock the True Value of Security

Beyond just risk avoidance, how else can security contribute to your business outcomes? Find out how to effectively communicate the value-add security can provide to help you meet your organisational goals.

12 July 2022

What makes the difference? Customer Experience does

An unexpected personal touch can reframe the story and create a spark in your customer's journey

13 December 2021

Success – A Series of Right Decisions… And The Right Partner

How will your business fare in a post-COVID business environment? IBM’s research shows more Singapore executives viewing platform business models, ecosystems and partner networks as key business success factors in 2022.

Latest News

03 May 2023

Certis Hong Kong & Macau at Build4Asia 2023!

Discover Certis at Build4Asia 2023, and experience how how we can realise and operationalise the opportunities that come with applying our smart, digital solutions to your business.

26 July 2022

The Last Mile of Digital Transformation in Property Management Webinar

Certis Hong Kong and Macau (HKMO) recently completed yet another successful webinar series that focused on our tech-enabled security services.

09 June 2022

Certis wins Silver award at 9th Best Property Safety Management Award

With over 250 nominations vying for five awards, Certis Hong Kong and Macau is proud to have garnered the Silver award in the ‘Best Property Contractor in Occupational Safety and Health’ category.

Discover how Certis delivers better, smarter outcomes

As an advanced integrated security service partner, we seamlessly orchestrate security facilities management and customer experience for greater cost efficiencies that empower our customers' future.

Find out how we part customer across different industries.

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