Smart Security System

Smart Security System

Integrated Smart Security

Certis Smart Security System

Smart security systems or Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) systems are a fundamental part of digitalising your security processes and operations. Keeping your premises safe and secure has always been vital, especially in the new normal as today. Our security systems make use of Extra Low Voltage (ELV) technology in order to vastly improve efficiency. Our ELV solutions offer seamless integration and play an integral role in our holistic facility management operations.

New and innovative security methods have solidified their position as essential across different industries, whether it be a secure access control system, smart surveillance and IoT solutions, these solutions are designed to secure our clients’ critical business operations and allow them to focus on their core competencies.


Digitalise Your Security with Certis

Partnering with Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers you a wide range of benefits. With a rich heritage in both physical security and security technology, our bespoke, holistic packages are designed to address your diverse challenges in your portfolio of premises.


Access Control System

Access Control System

Our touchless access control system works to provide timely and secure access to only those who you want on your premises.

By maintaining log-book entries, providing access and ID cards, identification checks or integration with biometric identification technology, our touchless access control system provides timely access to only authorised personnel and is highly automated and secure.


Smart Video Surveillance and Analytics

Smart Video Surveillance and Analytics

Through our smart network surveillance system, our clients’ premises will be monitored at all hours, and clients will gain operational and business insights on their facilities management from our capabilities on video content analytics.

AI technology requires significantly less manpower than traditional manual labor solution. By using biometric analytics and facial recognition technology, we deliver a new and automated layer of defence into your security framework. We will be able to help detect lost children, unattended packages, abnormal and risk behavioural patterns, and more.


IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Certis IoT Facilities Management (iFM) is an end-to-end platform of digitalised products and services managed through one single platform by our FM managers.

With solutions including IoT devices, Cloud Technology, Big Data, and AI, we aggregate data and generate actionable insights that help improve the operational efficiency of your business and your customers’ experience while eliminating vulnerabilities and business security.


Why work with Certis?

With Certis AI enabled capabilities on various smart networked security systems and ELV solutions, we can seamlessly make your facilities management process safer, smarter and better.

Get in touch with us for a consultation to learn more about what our integrated technology solutions can offer your business.


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