Physical Security | Body Guard Services | Concierge Solution

Physical Security | Body Guard Services | Concierge Solution

Physical Security & Operations

Certis Security Physical Security Services

Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers a wide range of physical security and operations services for businesses across different industries. Our physical security presence goes a long way to protect your business and add a personal touch with customers. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of the security services you require so that we deploy security guards to match your operations, environment, and business needs.

Security has always been a critical part of any business. Focusing on your core businesses without the distraction of managing ancillary tasks, allows you to innovate and strive for success without hindrance.


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Certis Physical Security

Physical Security / Unarmed Guarding Services

Our mobile patrol officers are an effective way to make healthcare organisations’ employees and visitors feel safe and secure. Our personnel patrol clients’ premises at regular intervals ensuring everything is in order and there are no disturbances. In the event of a disturbance, security officers are trained to manage them quickly and effectively.


Certis Concierge and Customer Service

Concierge & Customer Service Solutions

Good customer service is a cornerstone of any successful business. Our highly qualified, courteous, and attentive concierge and customer service staffs add the unique human touch to your onsite security solutions. They will help your business leave a positive lasting impression on your customers while also assisting with administrative processes that include allocating visitor management, logging visitor information, and more.


Certis Training Centre

Training Centre

As a Government Accredited Security License Permit Training Partner, we provide security talents of the best quality. Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers complete and in-depth training with tailored courses on security knowledge, concierge & customer services, and facility management elements to equip our guards and talents with the skill sets needed in their roles. Click here to learn more.

Our application on the “Specifications of Competency Standards UoC 107753L1 – Perform basic guarding services for Quality Assurance System for Recognition Scheme of Security Training Course (QASRS)” under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) is currently under review.


Why work with Certis?

Working with Certis offers you the chance to modernise and improve your business at every level. We craft bespoke Operations Technology (Ops-Tech) outsourcing solutions for a wide range of critical operations that extend beyond just security. With decades of physical security experience, Certis Hong Kong and Macau offers a range of sophisticated and holistic security solutions, including IoT solutions, electronic security technology, and more.

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