Empowering Our People to Drive and Sustain Innovation

Empowering Our People to Drive and Sustain Innovation

How Should Organisations Innovate? We Have the Answer.

Organisations around the world are constantly thinking about how to innovate in order to thrive in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.  

At Certis, we believe the answer lies in empowering our people to drive and sustain a culture of innovation.  

By providing continuous learning opportunities, we instil and nurture an innovative mindset among our global employees. One recent example is our collaboration with Singapore Management University (SMU) which has culminated in the launch of the Certis-SMU Advanced Certificate in Innovation (ACI).  

ACI is a unique six-month programme where participants not only learn about innovation, but also have the platform to apply what they have learnt in a real-world project in Certis. 

Jointly taught by Certis Corporate University (CCU) and SMU, the first run of the programme began in September 2020. Participants then formed groups, and will eventually conceptualise, refine and pitch their innovation projects to a panel of Certis leaders and SMU faculty members. 

The programme follows the 3D framework (Discover, Develop, Deploy) where participants will: 

  • Discover pain points and new opportunities using design thinking and a human-centred approach 
  • Develop quick prototypes to test their hypotheses and collect feedback to run continuous experimentations 
  • Deploy their projects on a larger scale and continue collecting feedback to make further improvements            


Heng Meng Kwong, Assistant Vice President, Head, Future Learning Office, CCU said, “We have received overwhelming support from our leaders in nominating their teammates for the programme. This is the impetus to inspire an innovative mindset starts from the top and flows through the rest of the organisation.” 

As part of the collaboration with SMU, CCU has also kick-started a Lunchtime Innovation Talk series featuring guest speakers from companies such as WeChat, Disney and digital mentoring start-up Kinobi. 

Meng Kwong added, “CCU is committed to enabling more of such learning opportunities to all employees. Learning never stops and we are always looking for knowledge partners to work with and get inspired by.” 

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