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Creating Safer Horizons with Women in Maritime

17 May 2024

Creating Safer Horizons with Women in Maritime

At Certis Australia, our employees strive every day to fulfil our Purpose: to make our world Safer, Smarter and Better for all. This involves understanding the unique challenges every person faces and respecting their needs.  

Although the security industry is constantly changing and evolving, many areas of our work are still male dominated. Certis Australia is committed to expanding opportunities for all Australians by making our industry more inclusive and supportive. 

Each year on May 18, we celebrate International Day for Women in Maritime by shining a spotlight on women’s contributions to the maritime industry and advocating for their participation across the sector. This year’s theme is ‘Safe Horizons: Women Shaping the Future of Maritime Safety’, recognising the growing role women play in the Australian maritime industry and the importance of inclusion for the industry’s continued success.  

We asked some of our own officers what it means to be a Woman in Maritime today, and what has changed over the years.  

For Maritime Security Guard Harjiinder Kaur, the encouragement she receives from her leaders and mentors has made all the difference during her two years in the role. 

“I was drawn to maritime security by the opportunities to learn and grow. I love my leadership team and have found them to be very supportive and helpful, providing so many exciting learning opportunities. My team are always there to listen and help me when I need it. I have observed many more females joining the industry and they have all been supported and encouraged. To me, the purpose of International Day for Women in Maritime is to uphold women's achievements, recognise challenges and focus more attention on women’s rights.”  

Jerin Mitu is a relative newcomer to the industry, having worked as a Maritime Security Guard for just over a year, but she has already seen a growth in diversity amongst her colleagues.  

“When I first started working in security there were very few female guards, but day by day the number is increasing. I was drawn to a career in maritime security because I’m fascinated by the diverse challenges of different people and cultures. Working as a security screener is perfect for me, as I love to interact with passengers from all over the world. International Day for Women in Maritime is important to me because it brings together individuals and communities to actively promote fairness and opportunities for all genders.” 

After 19 years in the industry, Maritime Security Guard Elizabeth Haile is proud to have been part of the changing face of Australian port security.  

“I was interested in joining maritime security because I wanted to keep people safe, and I love the teamwork to ensure the safety of the ship, passengers and the port. International Day for Women in Maritime is important because the work being done means that more women are able to work and have the same opportunities as men. I’m happy to have seen more and more women joining the industry over the last 19 years, including more women in leadership positions.” 

Marufa Parvin has been working as a Maritime Security Guard for almost three years, after becoming interested in the opportunity to learn and be challenged in her role. 

“I love interacting with people and supporting the team, so a forward-facing customer service role is perfect. During my time with Certis, the number of females working in security has increased, and more female staff have been given opportunities to participate in different roles. I'm grateful to be part of a team that supports each other to deliver outstanding security services.”  

For Maritime Security Guard Rowena Russell, who has been working in the industry for seven years, the best part of her job is the diversity of people and experiences.  

“The maritime security industry has given me the opportunity to work in a unique and ever-changing environment, working with people from a variety of different nationalities and enjoying different experiences. It is exciting to be continually learning and developing, and I enjoy helping others feel safe.  

The theme for this year’s International Day for Women in Maritime is ‘Safe Horizons: Women shaping the future of Maritime Security’, and it recognises the crucial role women play in enhancing safety measures through their roles as seafarers, maritime professionals or in leadership positions. It highlights the importance of leveraging networks of people and organisations when overcoming barriers for women’s participation in the maritime industry and develops pathways and opportunities for career progression. Women often struggle to secure leadership or specialised positions due to ingrained biases, but over the years I’ve seen more females given the opportunity to succeed and I look forward to that improving further.” 

Fostering a safe and inclusive workplace is of the utmost importance to Certis Australia, as it helps us to keep those around us safer, too. We're proudly committed to an inclusive and supportive recruitment and retention strategy, striving always to improve the working environment for our colleagues and our customers.  

If you are interested in a career in maritime security, visit our Careers page to explore opportunities for success: 

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