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Going Above and Beyond

27 September 2023

Going Above and Beyond

It’s often said that security is a 24/7 commitment, and Security Officer Umar Hassan does it with passion and purpose.

Every day, our Security Officers are committed to making sure everyone around them feels safe and secure. On any given shift, they fulfil a variety of essential functions spanning traffic management and access control and being watchful for incidents that might require physical intervention. But for many of our frontline colleagues, their passion and purpose stays with them even after they complete their shifts and leave their work sites. A sense of responsibility

Earlier this year, Security Officer Umar Hassan, was driving to an appointment on his day off when he witnessed an awful car accident. The driver had lost control of the vehicle, which veered off the road, collided with a tree and flipped over.  

First on the scene, Umar leaped into action and examined the driver for injuries. Recognising the gravity of the situation and focused on doing what was necessary, Umar contacted emergency services and used his first-aid knowledge to provide crucial assistance to the driver, who had suffered a cardiac arrest while driving.  

Through his timely intervention, Umar didn’t just save a stranger’s life, but that of colleague Darren Mycoe’s own mother.

Once paramedics arrived, Umar contacted Darren to inform him of the accident, understanding that his colleague’s priority was to be with his mother in hospital. Unfortunately, Darren was in the midst of completing his shift as a Security Supervisor.

Without a second thought, Umar drove straight to their work site to stand-in for Darren so that he could be with his mother in hospital.  

Darren was incredibly grateful to his team member for his exceptional courage and kindness.

“Once the ambulance arrived, Umar left the scene, went home to get his uniform then came straight in to cover the rest of my shift as he knew I’d want to be at the hospital with mum. This was incredibly thoughtful and selfless, especially as I hadn’t known him for that long.”

Umar has remained characteristically humble, insisting that “anyone would have done the same in this situation.”

“It was so beautiful to see a whole community rushing to help Darren’s mum. She was a very lucky lady to come out of such a terrible accident and to be surrounded by really good people. I did everything as a human gesture and could not just turn a blind eye,” he said.  

For his exemplary service, Umar received a commendation from Certis. Praising his dedication to service and care for others, Anthony Yates, State Manager for Western Australia, said, “Umar's unwavering dedication and compassionate care for a colleague’s mother exemplifies an outstanding commitment to his work and his community. Thankfully, his quick actions allowed Darren’s mother to escape the accident without lasting injury, and her heart condition has significantly improved.”

Certis Client Services Manager Kai Cain was proud of the way his team member had gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of others, saying, “This remarkable display of teamwork and camaraderie reflects the exceptional work culture fostered by the entire Airservices Australia team in Perth. They consistently demonstrate their genuine concern for one another’s wellbeing and support each other wholeheartedly.”

Well done Umar for your selflessness and care for others in the face of a challenging situation.  
Thank you for showing us that being a Security Officer isn’t just a 9 to 5 job – it's a way of life.

Umar (left) with colleague Darren Mycoe (right). 


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