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International Security Officers' Day 2023

24 July 2023

International Security Officers' Day 2023

Saluting our security frontliners on International Secuirty Officers' Day

When it comes to being a Security Officer, no two days are the same. The day-to-day tasks of our frontline colleagues vary greatly and can range from crowd and traffic control to crisis management and administering first aid. The job can be demanding, surprising and eternally rewarding.

Each year we celebrate International Security Officers’ Day on July 24, recognising the 24/7 nature of a Security Officer’s role. Every day, customers and patrons rely on our Security Officers to put others first to achieve a safer, smarter, better world for all.  

Among them, Azhar Majeed is the kind of officer you can always count on.  

Working as a Senior Security Officer at a major Victorian shopping centre, Azhar has been called upon to provide life-saving CPR four times in the last year alone. Azhar used his professionalism and knowledge of first aid to revive four customers (in separate incidents) who were unresponsive and showed no signs of life, caring for them until emergency services could take over the scene.  

In two cases, Azhar arrived before the patients became unresponsive. Recognising the signs, he assessed the situation and prepared the necessary support for the patients. His significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of customers and staff alike has been praised by his superiors and our customers.

However, much of the day-to-day work of a Security Officer goes largely unnoticed by the general public, as a significant part of their role is ensuring that everything on site runs smoothly.

For Rekha Rani, working as a casual supervisor at events is an exciting addition to her day job as a full-time accountant. Her performance at high-profile and crowded events is always exceptional, as she supervises up to 18 other staff members at Canberra’s GIO Stadium with ease.  

Rekha is known for her calm and friendly demeanour towards customers. Whether she’s coordinating the busy stadium entrances, overseeing bag checks and security screenings, or dealing directly with enquiries from the thousands of patrons she encounters each shift.

Of course, for many Security Officers, the day doesn’t end when the shift is over. Being a great Security Officer requires patience and compassion, and that carries through in all parts of life for Aviation Security Officer Suman Ghosh.  

After a long flight home, a family travelling to Sydney encountered Suman on a connecting bus to the airport car park. The bus was full and they were unable to sit together, so Suman offered the seat next to him. The family’s young son took up the offer and Suman immediately made him feel so at ease that the tired boy fell asleep beside him. The family were struck by Suman’s kindness. Although he had just finished a long day of work, he still took the time to make another person feel safe and secure.  

As the boy’s mother, Megan Brock, explained, “The guard comforted him, and it was the most beautiful interaction. The fact that this guy just worked a long day and then still had time for my son on the bus was absolutely amazing, as he could have just ignored him. It made our day.”

But what draws someone to the role of a Security Officer? For Sydney-based Dominic Lentile, a 20-year veteran of the Australian security industry, contact with others is the best part of his job.  

“I chose the security industry because I like interacting with people. In my current role, I love meeting and working with different kinds of people every day.”

Fellow Sydneysider Syed Mahmud was also drawn to the role by others, as it was the recommendation of close friends that drew him to a career in security.

“Many of my friends had joined the security industry and they told me to join them, that I’d enjoy the work. They were right.”

To all Certis Security Officers, and all our colleagues across the industry: thank you for all that you do, each and every day. Happy International Security Officers’ Day!

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