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Calm and professional: Officer’s training helps save a life

30 May 2023

Calm and professional: Officer’s training helps save a life

From left: Scott Nelson, General Manager Protective Services; Jason Muir, Security Manager; Michael Streets, State Operations Manager QLD

Who can you trust to help you through the worst situations?

For one Tasmanian family, the answer was someone from Certis. Specifically, Security Manager Jason Muir.  

While on duty at the Gold Coast Turf Club, Jason was called to a critical incident in the Event Centre. A 55-year-old male who was in Queensland for a family holiday had suffered a massive heart attack, and by the time Jason arrived at the scene, the man had been unconscious for several minutes.

Knowing that a quick response was essential, Jason calmly assessed the patient and noted that he had had stopped breathing. Taking charge, Jason began to perform CPR and continued to do so until on-site medics arrived to relieve him. The male was unconscious for a total of eight minutes before a pulse was detected.   

Jason's ability to remain calm and draw on his extensive training was invaluable, as he directed and coordinated the appropriate response actions between his team and on-site management.  He has since received praise from the Queensland Ambulance Service, which took over the care of the patient, who required being placed into a medically-induced coma before his condition stabilised.  

Deeply appreciative, the patient and his wife made a personal phone call to Jason and thanked him for his life-saving efforts. They also assured Jason that after receiving a total of 10 stents to stabilise his heart’s function, he was on the mend.   

Steve Crews, QLD State Manager of Protective Services for Certis Security Australia, applauded Jason for his exceptional response: “Not only did Jason handle this crisis with a calm and professional approach to reach a positive outcome, he also did all this in an event centre with 800 startled guests. If it was not for Jason and the medical team, this man would not still be here.”

Jason has been awarded an employee commendation from the management team at Certis Security Australia in recognition of his commitment to safety.  

Well done, Jason!

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