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Put to the test: Quick-thinking officer prevents major damage

24 February 2023

Put to the test: Quick-thinking officer prevents major damage

What would you do in the face of danger?

For Security Officer Christian Dempsey, taking swift, decisive steps in response to a dangerous situation and getting it under control was second nature. For his professionalism and bravery, Christian received the Employee Recognition Award for Service Excellence.

Quick-thinking Emergency Response

While stationed at the Brisbane Air Traffic Services Centre, Christian was alerted to an emergency – a vehicle in the main carpark had caught fire. Thanks to his emergency response training, Christian sprang into action, locating the burning vehicle and identifying its owner. Within five minute, he was able to alert emergency services and the Operations Centre and prepare the site for their arrival.  

In the time taken for the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Service to arrive, Christian had also ensured that additional security support had taken over the digital monitoring of the site as he handled the emergency on the ground, making sure that all areas around the burning vehicle had remained safe and secure.  

Christian continued to coordinate the situation with stakeholders and emergency services personnel until the fire had been extinguished and the site was fully secured. His swift response ensured nobody got injured and damage to property was minimal beyond the source of the fire.  

“Fire spreads very quickly, so the safety of all staff on site was my first priority," recounted Christian. "At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security first. I know from my training that clear instructions saves time and lives, and this was front of mind for me during that critical moment. Getting the Fire Service to site as quickly as possible was crucial in minimising any potential fire damage.”

Recognising Excellence

Christian’s exceptional contributions in the face of danger were recognised and praised by the management of both Brisbane Air Traffic Services and Certis Security Australia.  

“Our customers rely on our officers in all situations and Christian has shown why. He used his knowledge and training to control a challenging situation and ensure the best outcome for all,” shared Steve Crews, Queensland State Manager at Certis Security Australia.  

Christian was very touched to receive the honour as he shared: “It is very humbling to be recognised by my employer for my actions. I feel valued and appreciated. Not every employer treats you as more than just a number but Certis Security Australia shows that we are valued as employees time and time again. Thank you.”

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