Digital Transformation & Security

Digital Transformation & Security

30 May 2023


As business leaders around the globe battle rising costs and labour shortages, they are also dealing with pressures to digitalise their businesses, and for good reason. It is no secret that digital transformation has increased the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of operations for businesses in many industries. 

With the necessary cloud infrastructure established, powerful new physical security technologies and systems like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have emerged. These are not just changing how businesses secure their assets but are also providing operational insights that drive efficiency and profitability. 

Using these new advancements, such as smart video surveillance, analytics, sophisticated access control, and intrusion detection to future-proof security will soon become a necessity, and Certis is leading the way with a suite of next generation security services, proprietary systems and platforms that can come together to enhance business processes. 

How does the future of security look with Certis’ Integrated Technology Solutions? 

Imagine a shopping centre for example. They’re typically large and complex sites where crowds gather in large numbers at different times of the day and night. Large crowds not only increase the likelihood of incidents such as a child going missing, or a medical emergency, but heighten the risk of shoplifting, vandalism, and accidents. In addition, they also host multiple brick and mortar retailers who are doing business using new payment and retail technologies, which pose new challenges for loss prevention and a safe in-store customer experience. 

Shopping centres are prone to daily challenges such as overcrowding at events like the Boxing Day sales, incidents such as fires and flooding, and accidents or emergencies that can happen in key areas like pick-up and drop-off points. Dealing with these circumstances effectively requires the organisation of guards to secure the premises and efficiently respond to anything that happens on site. The most effective way to do this is by using an integrated security system which Certis has been providing its customers for years, supplying various shopping centres and businesses with services including access control for contractors/deliveries, CCTV to monitor problem areas, and sensors to pick up anomalies such as overheating or gas leaks. 

The Certis difference lies in Operations Technology, coupled with our unique ability to integrate advanced security, technology and systems into a customer’s existing operations. All our in-house capabilities and hardware – the internet of things (IoT), alarms, mobile security patrols and even drones – are only as good as our ability to make them work for a client, and this ability to design solutions around the operational needs of clients is our key value proposition. A solution is only as good as its ability to yield tangible benefit when used.  


Our Services 

Modern security for large operations requires real time reporting, response, and analytics. Certis’ Business Operations Support System (BOSS) is our exclusive technology platform that integrates operations seamlessly, providing real-time reporting coupled with modern analytical capabilities. BOSS identifies deviations from expected behaviour, helping to identify any issues as they happen or before they happen. But this award-winning technology does much, much more.  

BOSS has been successfully deployed at several world class airports with remarkable success, and used nationwide across client sites, such a key transport hubs, government agencies, major healthcare centres and education facilities.  

Security officers in control rooms have typically relied on patrols to monitor situations on the ground which can be costly and take time.  


However, this process can now be far more efficient. Certis’ MOZART, is our state-of-the-art operations management platform that redefines how clients approach security amidst the rising cost of manpower. It collates real-time inputs from security and safety sensors such as CCTV cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The degree of visibility it offers extends beyond security to include the monitoring of lift supervisory panels and panic alarms to the operation of carpark barriers and intercoms, providing real-time, 24/7 situational awareness through one unified monitoring platform. 

Other than unifying real-time inputs from both security and safety systems, MOZART leverages AI-enabled event detection and video analytics modules to augment detection capability. This includes facial recognition to conduct track and trace, crowd detection analytics, detection of incidents such as fights and even unattended bags. These all enhance a security team’s threat detection and crime-deterrence capability. These modules automate incident detection, triggering real-time alerts to Certis operators that enables quicker deployment of security officers to resolve the threats. 


But what happens when surveillance involves hard-to-reach places? 


Introducing Certis’ “Drones as a Service” (DaaS). When operated by Certis’ certified pilots, drones can provide faster response times, improved situational awareness, and enhanced surveillance capabilities.  

With drones being easily deployed, repositioned and controlled on site or remotely, not only can they play a crucial role in managing vast areas but they can also monitor uninvited visitors in advance without putting guards in dangerous situations. Security drones also record and store video footage during patrols for compliance, including the collection of data to help identify potential failures with decision making. 

 At Certis we recognise that every digital transformation project is different, and we work with your specifications to provide tailor-made solutions. In partnership with our customers across Australia, Certis designs, builds, and operates bespoke, state-of-the-art security solutions for a wide range of business needs.  


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