Improving Operational Efficiencies with the Right Security Partner

Improving Operational Efficiencies with the Right Security Partner

19 May 2023

Security is often viewed as an expense. However, the right partner has the potential to help an organisation save substantially, both monetarily and operationally.  

One example is Certis Security Australia’s Business Process Re-engineering and Operations (BPRO) framework. Designed to improve the efficiency of operations, BPRO leverages security technology and uses it to support people in operational roles. It has the potential to ensure a seamless customer experience and improve overall security at a site or precinct.  

The power of combining technology and people   

Integrating technology with humans in operations is inevitable.


Technology supports personnel in providing greater security, while helping to streamline processes. By utilising technology including CCTV, analytics, and Electronic Access Control among others, teams can provide greater coverage, while pre-emptively identifying trends to help operations run as smoothly as possible.  

Helped by technology, menial tasks such as the checking of IDs and identifying potential threats takes up less time.  

At Certis Australia, we have solutions that can analyse factors and recognise patterns, including where and when incidents typically happen. Our solutions use such data to prepare security teams for deployment to a site at the most accurate and strategic time.  

Delivering value through BPRO 

With our extensive experience in operations, Certis Australia knows how the combination of technology with highly trained security personnel delivers value to customers. Through consultations, where we seek to understand businesses’ needs and considerations, Certis Australia is able to identify security and other operational process gaps and map out personalised solutions that address them. 


This can range from the installation of surveillance technologies like CCTVs and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, to the placement of specially trained security personnel to areas with specific challenges in a manner that optimises the efficiency of operations. At Certis Australia, this is realised with our BPRO (Business Process Reengineering and Operations) framework.  

BPRO harnesses technology used in security operations by using design thinking to implement strategies such as:  

  • Process mapping design 
  • BPRO customer partnering 
  • Employment engagement  
  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • Customer-first mindset  

Operation design is the guiding principle of the BPRO framework and by understanding the unique requirements of each project, greater results are delivered to the business. 

It comes down to customer experience  

Certis Australia is focused on the safety of customers. By improving operational efficiency, we create seamless experiences for our customers.  

This is the result of the investment in training for our frontline security personnel, and the development of state-of-the-art technological solutions that enhance operational efficiency and service outcomes, whilst delivering peace of mind to customers and their stakeholders.  

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