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Unlocking Savings: How Integrated Operations and Right Use of Data Make all the Difference

01 March 2024

Unlocking Savings: How Integrated Operations and Right Use of Data Make all the Difference


In working with Australian businesses daily, our team have uncovered that rising cost challenges are being compounded by conflicting pressures including new compliance regulations, increased productivity targets, and diverse deliverables. 

New research has just revealed that the top concern for 84.2% of businesses is rising costs,1 but thanks to emerging and locally available solutions, Australian businesses now have a clear way forward.

The right technology and partner will deliver on cost optimisation

By partnering with a leading integrated outsourced services partner like Certis, businesses can address many of their operational challenges, and achieve true efficiencies through the successful integration of their operations, enabling them to lower their costs and thrive despite the rising pressures. 

Solutions such as our market-leading Mozart can play a vital role in synchronising operations for companies. Just like a conductor in an orchestra, Mozart streamlines the data-gathering process in an organisation by dismantling data silos and enabling greater outcomes by improving manpower and resource utilisation, and unlocking operational efficiencies. 

1. Optimising resource allocation

In employing smart analytics and real-time operational data, organisations can gain smarter, better, higher quality insights. With a fuller picture, organisations can be empowered to make better operational decisions so resources can be optimised, eliminating wastage, which ultimately translate into cost savings.

2. Maximising manpower for swifter responses, and higher value performance

Real-time data is drawn from smart solutions including CCTVs, IoT sensors, mobile devices and more. This gives users the opportunity to make processes more efficient while significantly reducing manpower traditionally deployed for repetitive menial tasks, allowing businesses to calibrate and re-deploy manpower to higher value work.


Improve operations by harnessing real time data

By employing smart analytics and real-time operational data, businesses can gain higher quality insights empowering them to make better operational decisions and resulting in optimised resources by eliminating wastage, with the goal of achieving true cost optimisation.

In working with a large government client recently, we were thrilled to be able to exceed their expectations and achieve a 20 per cent reduction in manpower, a 66 per cent improvement in incident response times, and 100 per cent visibility across all of their six facilities. 

With the implementation of new technology and improvements, the client’s security guarding scope evolved to require higher order work by officers. This presented the opportunity for officers to progress and explore new roles within the organisation while retaining domain knowledge of the organisation’s security culture. Mundane work such as static posts were progressively eliminated, and headcount costs progressively reduced to deliver positive results in staff retention, and ultimately improve the company's bottom line.

Certis solutions integrate insights beyond a single area of a client’s business, democratising data from previous silos. With Mozart, we are able to synergise data across different spheres of a business’ operations, such as advanced security, integrated facilities management, and guest or patient experience.

Unlock time and cost savings for an improved bottom line

Our clients can expect that less manual resources will be required to deliver their services, enabling these efficiencies to yield them additional cost savings. 

These cost and operational efficiencies come from advanced security solutions such as smart access control and surveillance points, facilities management features ranging from lifts to parking to energy management, and an ability to curate seamless guest, user, or patient experiences, with the use of self-check-in kiosks that leverage facial recognition.

At Certis we have seen a definite trend develop over the past year – Australian businesses that research and implement these types of innovative digital solutions are setting themselves up for success and we look forward to seeing their growth, and yours.

Get WIRED with us at Certis to win the war against rising costs and achieve your operational goals.

1 Research for Employsure by Peninsula Group who surveyed SMEs across 5 countries – Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK – to understand the top priorities and concerns for employers in 2024 & released on January 3, 2024 - full info. here




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