Keeping our Pathways and Roads Safe Amidst COVID-19

Keeping our Pathways and Roads Safe Amidst COVID-19

Our Role in Enforcement for the Community

9 July 2020

Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) whizzing at high speeds in the estates pose a safety concern to residents, especially the young and elderly who share the same pathways. Often, these encounters are too close for comfort, resulting in accidents and injuries to pedestrians and riders. In Singapore, over 85% of accidents related to PMDs resulted in injuries to the PMD riders according to The Straits Times*. PMD enforcement has therefore become more critical in ensuring the safety of our neighbourhoods.

Today, Certis deploys over 150 officers across the island to carry out PMD enforcement. Our officers ensure that PMD riders comply with speed limits, modification restrictions and regulations to keep our pavements and roads safe. Through engagements with riders, our officers also educate users on operating their devices safely and responsibly.

When the COVID-19 situation unfolded in Singapore, our enforcement officers had to adapt swiftly to take on additional responsibilities. We rose to the challenge to ensure safe distancing measures are adhered to. In addition to PMD enforcement, our officers carried out safe distancing enforcement among commuters at public transport nodes, including MRT train stations and bus interchanges. 

“We are fully committed to ensure the safety of Singaporeans and residents in all our assignments. Our enforcement officers play key roles in educating and advising public transport users, and also maintain law and order even during this challenging period. Together with our partners, we will continue to serve the community in our joint efforts to fight COVID-19.” said Assistant Superintendent (APF) Matthew Ng, Commanding Officer, Enforcement and Events Division, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force.


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